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Aldous Harding

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 12, 2017.

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  2. A new Aldous album on the cusp of Eurovision AND the week my dissertation is due???

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  3. Wait... I'm supposed to be seeing her live the same night as the 2nd semi-final. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Fffff another iconic video


    Also on spotty fry (and presumably other platforms) already:

    finds the New Zealander hitting her creative stride. After Party, Harding came off a 100-date tour last summer and went straight into the studio with a collection of songs written on the road. Reuniting with John Parish, producer of Party, Harding spent 15 days recording and 10 days mixing at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth and Bristol’s J&J Studio and Playpen. From the bold strokes of opening track ‘Fixture Picture’, there is an overriding sense of an enigmatic artist confident in their work, with contributions from Huw Evans (H. Hawkline), Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo), drummer Gwion Llewelyn and violinist Clare Mactaggart broadening and complimenting Harding’s rich and timeless songwriting."

    Designer tracklist:
    1. Fixture Picture
    2. Designer
    3. Zoo Eyes
    4. Treasure
    5. The Barrel
    6. Damn
    7. Weight of the Planets
    8. Heaven is Empty
    9. Pilot
  6. The video is already the most iconic video of the year for me. There's snippets of the whole album on iTunes (US iTunes anyway) and "Zoo Eyes" sounds like an early favorite of mine. April can't come soon enough.
  7. Loving "The Barrel" and the lyrics in particular. So many great lines to dig into

  8. Premiere in 16 hours. The still is already iconic.

  9. Can’t wait to see the video! She’s incredible!
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  10. Can I wait for this? No. But I am ready for it? Yes.
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  11. It's out, it's out, it's really beautiful.

    And the video is stunning. Serving couture and scenery.
    I was so sure it'd be a one-take, I jumped a bit when the scene finally changed.
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  12. She's 2/2 for me.
  13. I really like her and got into her from this thread so thanks!
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  14. [​IMG]

    Choo choo, etc. The album leaked yesterday, if you can't wait for tomorrow night. The only negative I can clock so far is that there no new HEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY UR PRINZEEES, it's exceptionally peaceful throughout and also every bit as beautiful as the singles implied. "Heaven is Empty" is... ooh, I felt a feeling.

    If you should happen to be looking for similar music be sure to check out Bedouine's and Cate le Bon's recent work, they're practically musical sisters at this point.
  15. The two pre-release songs are definitely the highlights of the album for me but it's overall a nice listening if a bit more mellow than I feel her ~vibe~ lets on.The Bedouine comparison is apt though at times she goes straight Julie Bryne with the husky voiced singer-songwriter vibe ironing out her Kate Bushian quirks.
  16. I completely agree in that I find myself listening to the pre-release tracks the most. I also think that Treasure, Zoo Eyes, and Weight of the Planets are stand out tracks apart from the others but it does feel a bit like the singles are the "singles"
  17. Zoo Eyes is amazing.
    The album is definitely a grower and it's getting very high scores on albumoftheyear.

  18. Her voice.
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