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The decision to do Strictly was not a good one. Even friends of mine who like her as a person don't like her on the show. Also, the professional dancers try to be nice when she's "judging" them, but you can tell they've switched off while she's talking. Things would have been a lot better for if Arlene hadn't been sacked, but had left giving her blessing.

Music wise I think The Alesha Show had enough decent moments that she could still be a really good popstar. She needs to stay away from the Gary Barlow tunes though and do some decent pop/RnB tunes. I'm looking forward to album 2.
Matt said:
Going on the strictly judging panel probably hasn't done her any favours.

I agree with this actually. She's been given that job because A) she's pretty B) she's young and C) she won a series of the show. But she's totally ill equipped to be of any real use. All that good will she had might have evaporated but we'll see.
So what is the story behind the demos Push and Nasty? The same backing track and verses, but different choruses. Anyone know anything about why? Nasty is far superior and should have been on the album.
Matt said:
Going on the strictly judging panel probably hasn't done her any favours.

Particularly when it's exposed her as a rather unpleasant person when the mood takes her. Trying to "do a Len" by nicking one of his catchprashes (but crucially failing to use it with his charm) just makes it worse. Yes, we know you fancy the pants off Ricky Whittle, love, but you don't need to be a cow to the rest.

I just got The Encore Show because of my Mis-Teeq love. Boy Does Nothing did nothing for me so I never paid too much attention to this album. Overall it's dreadful. I'd say I like Breathe Slow, Hand It Over, Ooh Baby I Like It Like That and really that's it....

Just very bland and forgettable, like she got the producers leftovers from years ago. The production is terrible. You can hear the SCD influence which is good because that's the only reason this was successful. It's a shame she didn't do that show when Fired Up was coming. I thought Lipstick and Knockdown were great.

Really I just want Mis-teeq back. They were amazing. I think they should've taken one of the US label offers and gone for it. Scandalous did well and One Night Stand's remix and video was good enough to continue the trend had they come back with a US label focused on them. Considering Telstar was in such trouble I'm not sure why they didn't take it. I recall them saying the deals they were offered weren't good enough for the move, but please! How good could their Telstar deal have been? LOL! At least in America had they continued it would've brought then to the attention of big producers and there's a larger audience which could also help them in the UK.
Why was All Out Of Tune not the single? If they wanted a ballad, why did they choose one with a Gary Barlow co-write being the only thing going for it? All Out Of Tune would have actually been a hit. Didn't they see To Love Again was horribly bland and dated?
I definitely think the new Encore songs are better than any of the other album tracks hands down.

On her next album she has to put out all the stops to be unique.

She needs big catchy firey songs with her rapping in the middle 8's...
I think The Light could have been as successful as Breathe's certainly a better song anyway..

Shake is a great song too..and so is All Out of Tune..

To love again really was the worst single choice out of the new songs.
I have to agree with what everybody else has said - Shake, The Light and All Out Of Tune are better than the majority of The Alesha Show and To Love Again is probably the worst song from the album era. She got off to such a flying start and now they seem to have mucked it all up.

You heard it here first!

AleshaDixon.Net can exclusively reveal that Alesha's song '<em>Breathe Slow</em>' is up for nomination in the 'British Single' category at this years Brit Awards. The British Single category is supported by commercial radio stations throughout the United Kingdom and The Sun newspaper. The 10 nominated singles have been selected by the greatest volume of commercial radio air-play as well as sales results in the 2009 calendar year. Commercial radio listeners may cast one free online vote for your favourite single within the entire voting period - so use it wisely and vote for Alesha.

It was in 2002 that Alesha took to the Brit stage with the Mis-teeq laydeez Su-Elise and Sabrina, the year that they were also nominated for 'Best Newcomer'. Mis-teeq were also nominated for 'Best Urban Act' in 2004, but they failed both times to scoop the award. Could 2010 be the first for Alesha? We hope so.

The BRIT Awards 2010 show will take place on Tuesday 16th February at London’s Earls Court Arena, whereas the nomination ceremony kicks off at 6pm tonight. You can watch the nomination ceremony tonight on ITV2 at 8pm.

Full details will follow on who is in the category with Alesha and how you can vote for her ...
If anyone's interested, there's a seven track album sampler for the Encore album up on Vinyl Exchange, it includes the three original singles and the four bonus tracks. For one pound.

Not bad.
Numerology said:
If anyone's interested, there's a seven track album sampler for the Encore album up on Vinyl Exchange, it includes the three original singles and the four bonus tracks. For one pound.

Not bad.

Thanks for the tip. So much cheaper than buying the full Encore edition just for the bonus tracks.
She's working with Xenomania again. Hurrah. If the songs are as catchy as The Boy Does Nothing and Lets Get Excited I will be happy.

Alesha Dixon has enlisted production team Xenomania for her next album.

The 31-year-old previously teamed up with the former Girls Aloud and Leona Lewis producers on her 2008 LP The Alesha Show, and is back in the studio with them once again to write her new material.

The 'Breathe Slow' singer revealed the news on her blog, writing: "What can I say, I'm so excited about album number two! It's going great!

"I've hooked up with Xenomania again and they're on fire. Some great tracks coming out of the studio and I'm fully focused on delivering a top-notch album."

Dixon also said that she is collaborating with several US songwriters who have previously worked with the likes of Rihanna, Chipmunk and Pussycat Dolls.

She added: "Off to the states to work with A-class producers too, will keep you posted. I just want to take a moment to thank you all for your patience and support."
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