Alesha Dixon - The Alesha Show

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Numerology said:
If anyone's interested, there's a seven track album sampler for the Encore album up on Vinyl Exchange, it includes the three original singles and the four bonus tracks. For one pound.

Not bad.

I'd have loved something like that; I ended up paying £4 for the full Encore Cd in Tesco. Which isn't too shabby, as you get the sexy new sleeve and booklet.

Mvnl said:
I wonder if she really said 'album number two'.
Does she pretend Fired Up never happened?

When I saw her live last year she certainly didn't shy away from Fired Up. She performed the singles at least, and considering that a lot of people there would have had no idea that Fired Up existed it struck me as someone who was still quite keen on it. From what I've read about it, Alesha really loved the album and was gutted it was never released properly.

Ta for the promo tip above. I've got myself a copy.
The album is very strong, it has great songs on it. The Encore editon To love Again which is lovely and the light which is stunning, overall is very good and the nex album i think is going to be incredible.
The only song I still ever really listen to is The Light. I think thats a fantastic song and I'm still baffled as to why they released To Love Again instead.
I'm completely over this album. It's just such a shame that the four bonus tracks on The Encore shat all over everything that was on the original version. I want her to bring back the real Alesha for album number three. MCing please, and lots of it.


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Just listening to this again (alongside The Entertainer). I still think that it's very good (especially since it came into my life at a very rough point).

Still gutted that Hand It Over wasn't a single.
Mr.Arroz said:
Still gutted that Hand It Over wasn't a single.

YES. I think I prefer Alesha's album tracks to her singles. Especially when it comes to her first album. Hypnotik, Fired Up, Ting-A-Ling, Voodoo - all killer stuff.
Sweet Music said:
Steve The Pirate said:
Some of the Xenomania stuff on it is utter shite.
I liked it at the time but her 2nd album should be a lot better than this.

The Alesha Show IS her second album!

I think they were just making the point that considering that it is her second album, it should be a lot better than it is.
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