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Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing + This Summer (EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. I love Alessia's voice, so am looking forward to this. I'd love her to be a bit more experimental sonically, as she has a special talent, that deserves more interesting production than some of the songs on her first album had.
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  2. Just no more empowerment anthems and we’re good.
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  3. I need another ballad like Stone, gorgeous.
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  4. She gets such a hard time on here but her debut was really solid. I'm looking forward to this! More bops like I'm Yours please.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I do really like her voice but that single cover is not the tea.
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I hope she graduated from her creative writing class.

    I'm impressed how she managed to keep her name out there for the past few years... especially when snatching that Grammy. I'm actually rooting for her so I want this to be good.
  7. It's kinda ridiculous how much she stretched out her debut era. Between half of the songs here it feels like she's been on US radio for decades:

    Wild Things
    Scars To Your Beautiful
    + How Far I'll Go
    + Stay
    + 1-800-273-8255

    Anyway, I feel like this probably won't be that different than her first album, but I'd love for her to take some risks.
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  8. The success of "Boo'd Up" got me thinking how "Here" is three years old and yet it would totally smash even nowadays. She did that.
  9. From the title and the fact that it's Alessia Cara, I can already tell this is going to be basic as fuck. But I'll probably still enjoy it. She legit has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.
  10. That suit is even more unflattering than Rita's potato bodysuit. But that's aesthetic I suppose.
  11. Of course she'd release a song called Growing Pains. Bet the second album will be called This Is Me/I Am/Alessia Cara or something similar.
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  12. The lyrics are not exciting...
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm impressed she's getting a new album out so quickly. I feel like a big problem with new artists nowadays (not that it's their fault) is that they don't use the Rihanna method and get new music out ASAP while they're still establishing themselves, so good on her for actually doing the right thing.

    Anyway it's no secret she's been massively watered down and Disneyfied compared to when she started (I can't imagine any references to marijuana from her now) but I hope we get a few good moments on the album. Unfortunately a song called "Growing Pains" doesn't give me a lot of hope but we'll see.

    (Also I'm still mad that her label passed on "I'm Yours" and "Seventeen" as singles, especially the former. I know "Scars to Your Beautiful" ended up being big for her but "I'm Yours" was easily the better of the two.)
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Is this out in NZ/Australia yet?
  16. I think it's great, it's not a huge departure from her debut but I think it's going to be huge.
  17. I loved her debut. I can't wait. And I loved the self empowering anthems.

  18. It's more 'Scars To Your Beautiful' than 'Here', but it's cute!
  19. It's nice. I like that Gorgeous synth going on in the background.
  20. She's pulling a Speak Now
    It's no wonder the song is so wordy and less tightly structured.
    This bit is quite interesting:
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