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Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing + This Summer (EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. I thought for sure you all were talking about one of her songs when I read the #71 position in here.

    But it was her album? Christ.
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  2. I just had my first listen. The album is an easy listen but it lacks the highs of Here especially, which should have been the true blueprint. And also, I'm Yours, Overdose, Wild Things and even Scars to Your Beautiful.

    I hope her label intervenes and hooks her up with some heavyweights in the industry.

    Because letting her write this album on her own was a premature decision.
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  4. This album isn't amazing but there's a few songs I'm coming back to a lot. Not Today in particular is a bit #tooreal. The outro...

    "I guess I hope I'm gonna be okay, 'cause I'm not today"

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  5. "Nintendo Game" is a bit of a bop.

  6. Original version:

  7. This is going to sound mean but I kinda think the album deserved to flop because of the terrible title. If you're being stupid and thoughtless about the packaging and aesthetics (and this album is probably the worst case last year of bad packaging and aesthetics), you can't be surprised when people aren't interested.
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  8. The packaging and aesthetics are fine?
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  9. And that’s #71 with all the historical streams included? Wow.

    And I don’t really buy the whole “old white guys vs young girl” justification for it being a commercial mess. The whole scenario has been the same with plenty of male pop stars recently like Zayn. The balance of creative control is just way off.
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  10. I don't think so. That cover is pretty off putting and the title is a clunky mess.
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  11. Regardless of the album cover or title or her aesthetic, there was no hit attached and she didn't build a massive fanabse during her last era - she had a bunch of radio hits that crossed over to streaming, but no one was stanning Alessia. She's very talented and hopefully this isn't the end of her career, but she won't be repeating the success of her debut era anytime soon.
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  12. The album title sounds like a self-help book for teenagers. Why not just "Growing Pains"? I cannot get over it.
  13. While I might get flak for this, I find Alessia's allergies to any kind of flash a bit off putting. Of course you don't have to be Ariana Grande serving up No Tears Left To Cry and God Is A Woman next level-type videos and you don't have to be a traditional popstar either, but it feels like they're mistaking bland for organic. I find her normcore aesthetics to be extremely forced. And I just can't be interested in the music when there's nothing even remotely sonically interesting to grab onto.

    But I still think her voice is extremely gorgeous and at least I get to listen to one of my favorite voices sing one of my favorite songs:

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  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Out of Love is still the (only ddd) one. Yas, give me that waltzing-all-on-my-lonesome moment of melancholy whatever that I love.
  15. Historical streams don't go into chart placements?
  16. They count towards the first week sales in the US, don’t they?
  17. I've properly discovered the album this week (having purchased it when it was released) and it's actually quite good. I shall enjoy it.
  18. The album has grown on me and the standout tracks imo are;

    All We Know (!) Should be a single. It's radio friendly in her usual Alessia way.

    Girl Next Door. It's also typically her but chill and grown up.

    Growing Pains (obviously)

    My Kind. Love the a-ha's throughout. And the cheery production.

    (Nintendo Game). Don't really like this one but it IS catchy. To get her a quick hit I guess.

    They're pretty much all made for radio. They should release atleast two more of the songs mentioned. Preferably All We Know and Girl Next Door.

    They shouldn't give up on this album just yet.
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