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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by kill the DJ, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Remember her? She was signed to EMI and wrote and vocalled that dance record with Lee-Cabrera 'Shake It (Move A Little Closer)' after that she went down the pop/R&B route, releasing that not too shabby single 'Hey Papi' a couple of years back. I saw the video for a second single, but I remember reading on her website that her management pulled the song and sent her off writing with lots of writers (including Jamie Scott of all people) to find a second single. Needless to say they didnt, and she was eventually 'allowed' to leave her deal.

    Well, my friend who is a song plugger at one of the publishers told me that Alex has new management who had come to see my friend, and she's working on a new album, while showcasing for major labels. Apparently its VERY good stuff, and she's gone for a quirky, left-of-centre type pop vibe. He said the song he heard was like the Sugababes being produced by Massive Attack (which excited me immensely).

    After having a search for her on Myspace, in her blogs it said she's been writing with the dude from the Sneaker Pimps who is a songwriter now, Paul Statham and also Hannah Robinson. I checked Hannah's myspace, and she's confirmed it on her page as well.

    I for one am very excited to hear some of the newer stuff from her. She's got some of her older songs on her myspace, and she said that she wont be putting her new songs up just yet. I really like her voice, just the style of the music didnt do anything for me. Be interested to hear what comes out from her, especially the Hannah songs...
  2. Alex has just posted two new songs on her myspace. Not sure if I like them yet.
  3. I like 'What They Want', not too sure on Moon To My Sun.

    Where's the sugababes/massive attack type thing? Or is that What They Want?
  4. I like her. A friend of mine is a friend of hers so I''d given her a listen before.

    I think it was like Britney Spears sounding, only not.
    And betterer.
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    She launched the same time as Natasha Beddingfield and they looked so similar. I bet Alex can''t stand her!
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