Alexandra Burke - Overcome

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Hi Chris Moyles and co., we're not interested in Alexandra's Twitter. Play the fucking single or ask some decent questions. Thanks x
Where did you wake up this morning? YOUR HOUSE!? Fascinating! Forget the single, let's probe this a little further!
Bamboo Banga said:
I decided I might as well listen online considering I'm still up at 3am! I do not like Moyles though.

yea I'm still awake too. I was about to go to sleep since its pretty late, but I rather hear the song first before I go to bed. I'm kinda excited to hear it.


Play the song! I do like the interview but I just really want to hear the song.


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Great stuff.
Can still definitely hear she's a great vocalist.
Loving the 'away away'-bits in the chorus.
Oow, even like the rap.
Aaaagh I can't BEAR the inane 'banter' of Radio 1!

The song is quite good - great chorus - but on first impressions I don't like the boinging noise which runs throughout the background of the verse.
I love the chorus! This is number 1, no doubt about it, but it's not a big seller.

Oh, I could do without Flo Rida's bit, what a load of crap.
I'm liking this alot on first listen and I can see it growing on me! Not having this in HQ for a while is gonna be frustrating though. Based of the PJ write-up, I thought similarities to Womanizer would be distracting, but not at all. Very very good song!!!


I really like it! And I think with a few more listens (in HQ), I will love it.
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