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Alexandra Burke - Renegade Single & EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NuhdeensPassport, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. EP has been released:

    It's actually not half bad. Ain't That Right is good as is Hall of Fame. The vocals could've been a bit more central on some of the tracks, but besides that it's a good effort.

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  2. This is actually pretty good! "Renegade" is the weakest song for me though. She should habe went with "Hall of Fame" or even "Ain't That Right" to lead into this EP.
  3. MB


    I agree, really enjoy the EP and renegade is probably the weakest track on there although the video's ok considering she's not signed and is self funding this all herself.
  4. I love 'Can We Go Down (feat. Shakka)', it's such a good jam!
    The 'Renegade' video is good considering she has no label.
  5. I had no idea she's Melissa Bell's daughter!
  6. She's also a (muted) Rhenna gay.
  7. The 'Renegade' video is good, and I admire her to doing all of this without a label. This song isn't half bad, it's quite catchy actually.

    I haven't listened to the full EP yet, but I'm going to give it a spin.
  8. Great Ep! love this lady always
  9. The EP sounds pretty good. The Renegade video has made me like the song more and it does sound better in HQ. The video is also good for such a small budget.
  10. Just listened and it's a very good EP and the best material she's put out since Overcome IMO. My favourite songs are Ain't that right, Renegade and Can we go down but I don't mind the others as well. The Renegade video is VERY good as well considering she is not on a label anymore it sold the song really well.
  11. I'm surprised she didn't have Ain't That Right as the main single from the EP. It's far better than Renegade and seems to be much more of a solid comeback single.
  12. Everything on the EP is really nice. Apart from Renegade.
  13. Intrigued that people are saying Renegade is the weakest track. I wasn't impressed with that so wasn't interested in hearing the whole EP but if people are saying that's not the best one, I think I'll download it.
  14. Loved Renegade on first listen and still is amazing. Love Can We Go Down too.
  15. Who are the producers involved in Renegade? (The whole EP).
  16. [video=youtube;IpzNpU9WYZY][/video]

    She performed I Will Always Love You on the Late Late Show for Ireland if anybody's interested.
  17. Very rocky, seems the stress of singing those songs night after night is finally showing.
  18. I saw her in The Bodyguard last night. She was terrific but it left me feeling sad that she's not the biggest pop star on the planet. She's so insanely good.
  19. Did anybody listen to "The Bodyguard Musical Soundtrack"? Her renditions are absolutely stunning.
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