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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. She's finally coming, you guys! New album 'The Truth Is' out on March 9th, and a UK promo tour in September 18.
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  2. Album AND tour announcements on the same day!? I must have died and gone to heaven.
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  3. Looking forward to hearing it!

    A decade after winning The X Factor, pop sensation Alexandra Burke has signed to legendary label Decca Records to release her eagerly-anticipated new album ‘The Truth Is’ on 9th March. It follows the singer’s triumphant run on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, where she made it to the final. Alexandra has also announced her first UK headline tour since 2010, starting in September. She’ll be performing at venues across the UK including the London Palladium.

    Alexandra’s third studio record features a host of original tracks showcasing her phenomenal voice and songwriting talent. Among the new tunes are ‘All The Things You Are’, ‘In The Rain’ and the title track ‘The Truth Is’.

    Alexandra says, “This album is incredibly personal to me. I have poured my heart and soul into my new music and it reflects the incredible journey I’ve been through – highs and lows, love and loss. It feels amazing to finally be sharing this album with everyone and I hope they enjoy hearing what The Truth Is.”


    • 1st September – Southend Cliffs Pavilion
    • 4th September – Brighton Dome
    • 5th September – Poole Lighthouse
    • 6th September – Sheffield City Hall
    • 7th September – Nottingham Royal Centre
    • 9th September – Salford Lowry
    • 10th September – Gateshead Sage
    • 12th September – Glasgow Theatre Royal
    • 13th September – Liverpool Philharmonic
    • 15th September – Oxford Apollo
    • 16th September – London Palladium
    • 17th September – Cardiff St David’s hall
    • 18th September – Birmingham Symphony Hall
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  4. Thrilled for her.
  5. Amazing.

    @Kyle. we need to go to the London Palladium date, yes????
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  6. I can't believe it! YES! Thank you Strictly for making this happen. The cover is a bit weird, but I'm so excited for the music!!!
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  7. Original songs? Yes!
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  8. When are tickets on sale?!

    I’m so used to giving.gif
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  9. Do we have any sense of what...flavour of music to expect from her?
  10. Let's not get our hopes up!
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  11. There’s a clip of The Truth is on the video clip on her Twitter. Sounds very MOR. Not necessarily a criticism.
  12. This was to be expected. Most Decca acts aren't mainstream and tend to be Radio 2/Heart sellers.

    In fairness to her, she needs to be singing her heart out again. I just hope there's some very good stuff there. Here for the tour!
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  13. Yes totally agree - and her voice obviously sounds phenomenal and that is really all I want from her album. I’ll be chasing Palladium tickets!
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  14. Not sure this is going to be my thing - as mentioned already it sounds very 'Radio 2' - but I'm thrilled for her. Hope it does well.
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  15. Yeah I'm not sold based on that short clip, sounds very MOR and cheaply made! Also no one will want to go to the tour with me as the majority of my friends aren't fans of her!
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  16. I have a suspicion this is very geared towards Mother's Day. I do hope there are varying tempos. Considering the last album, when in control she does like her musical tempo extremes haha.
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  17. I like the music direction of that clip, and I think it is the smartest decision business-wise. Overcome had great songs, but the music direction was all over the place; I'd love a full album of songs like the title track.

    It makes sense to want to appeal to the kind of public that watches Strictly, and Radio 1 and Capital aren't going to touch a pop single from her.

    Just be glad we are definitely getting an album instead of depending on the success of stand-alone singles for a year.
  18. You know what else I thought, that promo clip sounds exactly like a TV ad would for an album. I don't think it's short for no reason. I hope she does plenty online promo and small tv shows like with Elephant. It works a treat.
  19. Non-English speaker here, what does MOR mean?
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  20. Middle of the road. Very radio 2, soccer mom music.
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