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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Yep and the second album and singles had that problem. Everything sounded really generic and it just lacked any identity or purpose. The first album they got right including the singles hence why it did so well. It didn't help she became difficult and moved from Cowell's label and didn't get a XF performance slot. Same thing with Cher Lloyd. The albums had some gems but the overall theme/sound was very boring!
  2. For the album i'd want something like this
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  3. I guess we’ll never know what might have been if she stayed with Syco but I don’t think we can say she became ‘difficult’- obviously she wasn’t their priority and she felt it was the right move. Hindsight is 20/20. Considering how they treat their roster now, I am not sure she would have been kept on anyways. Look at how appallingly Fleur East has been treated.

    Anyways, Shadow is very enjoyable to these ears. I hope it all goes well for her.
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  4. Where is the evidence she "became difficult"? It always amazes me when people make up stuff like this.
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  5. @dietcokeaddict your posts are questionable all the time but especially here.
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  6. I read it somewhere i am sure....and i am sure Cowell said something at some point too. That's why she moved labels, she felt she wasn't enough of a priority at Syco.
  7. The story goes that she insisted to Syco that she take over full control of A&R for the 2nd album, this pushed Syco’s Nose out of joint, so when the album bombed there was no goodwill left for her there & they simply dropped her (instead of Syco using the flop status to insist on taking over full A&R for a 3rd album - which they should have done).
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  8. I didn’t realize Syco had any involvement with her second album? She had been recording with Rico Love etc and none of that material ever surfaced when she moved to RCA.
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  9. Consider the reason behind why such a strategic move was even deemed necessary within the Sony group (to start with), then consider Simon’s pay grade, bruised ego & inability to truthfully walk away & entirely feign losing interest in his own signing.
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  10. ‘Shadow’ is no Broken Heels is it? I guess I shouldn’t have expected a bop but I find Shadow very boring and has killed all excitement I had for this album if being honest.

    Also, a radio premier ages before they actually release the song... what year are we in again? She’s missing out on the Spotify streams she could be getting from people listening to the radio rip. Are her team/label aware that it’s 2018?
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  11. I’m annoyed that the song isn’t available anywhere this morning. It does seem a bit old fashioned now.

    Sure it’s not going to set the charts alight but it doesn’t matter if they release it now or in a month, it’s not going to have a big impact. I’m guessing they’re hoping the album will be the real success.

    Maybe the album delay is the reason the single isn’t officially out yet? They couldn’t push back the radio 2 premiere but did push the single back...
  12. I agree on the second point but not on the first- Broken Heels is a great pop song but Shadow has some actual feels in the chorus! In HQ, it’s definitely a bop for me.

    She has said there will be some uptempo tracks on the album so maybe there’ll be something more to your taste there.
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  13. So you can't provide any evidence of your comment? Didn't think so. Questioning whether Syco was treating her fairly is hardly "becoming difficult" especially as there were rumours at the time of them sidelining her for Cher Lloyd's debut.

    It's funny how black women are always labeled, "difficult" when they dare to stand up for themselves or voice an opinion on their own careers.
  14. I like Broken Heels but she will have a hard enough time making any impact with this comeback. A song like Broken Heels would have given her no chance.
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  15. The most interesting part of all is what exactly did James Arthur (of ALL people) have to do exactly, to be deemed worthy of fresh potential & therefore worth being re-signed, (when the others, including Alex etc - were somehow not).
  16. Just be a man, I think.
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  17. A WHITE man.
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  18. Yes, I realised just after I posted that I’d missed off the most important word.
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  19. Tea. The British music industry simply does not know what the fuck to do with black solo female artists after the first album. It's been going on for decades. Some of the biggest artists in the 90s flopped into oblivion because of mismanaged campaigns and are damaged goods afterwards. If you're a white man you can have a 'redemption' narrative pretty easily.

    The fact Alex is even on a third album – on a large label who presumably have some sort of strategy in place – is a miracle, honestly.
  20. That isn't the story, we'll never know for sure what happened but apparently Alex's album was recorded and kept being pushed back for release, Alex got fed up with this and eventually asked to move label and joined RCA.

    RCA couldn't afford to buy the material she recorded with Syco and therefore set up a writing camp and Heartbreak On Hold was recorded relatively quickly with mostly songs from those sessions.

    It was also a complete change in direction, she went from working with Rico Love, Bruno Mars, Stargate
    and Neyo on a more R&B leaning second album with a rumoured duet with Usher, to releasing a dance record with RCA.

    James got signed in Germany after being dropped and recorded his second album, once Say You Won't Let Go took off Syco were interested and signed to distribute his album.
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