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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Syco were only interested in James after Say You Wont Let Go flew off to huge success. He played them his songs before and they weren't interested. Just says it all about Cowell and the label if you ask me, only interested because he was being successful.
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  2. In fairness they are a record label. They exist to make a profit and if they don't then they can't be expected to continue to fund musicians. They're also a relatively small operation to my knowledge, so there's only so much manpower that can be put between the artists on their roster.

    It becomes a case of opportunity cost, which is why the newer artists tend to get the attention and the ones on their 2nd campaign don't. There's a small handful of exceptions to this (Leona, One Direction, Little Mix) but besides that they use the hype an artist has on their first campaign and then push them back. They all sign a 5 album deal so they're locked in, should they be a success. If not then they're stopping another label making money from them by holding on to them until the hype dies.

    A better practice would be to let them switch to other labels after their first album, but again they're a business so there's no incentive for them to do that.
  3. Very true.

    Little Mix have said previously they felt they could be dropped after the Salute era but Black Magic became a massive success and all of a sudden, they became the biggest thing in the country and from that moment, Simon started publicly treating them like his little darlings.
  4. I am so shocked that this isn't just out on Spotify now. She really can't afford another messy campaign.
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  5. Hire more people? What business continues to damage its biggest service leads? It makes very little long term sense.

    Shayne, Alex and Leona were huge on debuting and to let them wither was foolish, from a common sense and business perspective. If they had gone global fully and toured the world repeatedly, they would have made a killing.

    Let's always remember Simon is petty and has links with everyone and has the ability to damage someone if they're getting too big for his liking. I don't find it a coincidence smear stories from certain tabloids started getting more vicious after she left Syco and were mostly written by Dan Wootton.

    Alex probably wouldn't be here if she had radio play from R1 and Capital for Elephant and the album came out a week after the single. Every artist needs radio play to survive especially for album #2.
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  6. I remember listening to radio 1 when Let It Go debuted on the top 40. They had no choice but to play it. But they just took the piss out of her and basically said the song was shit. Basically saying why would they play her on Radio 1.
    This after coming off of 3 Number 1 singles and 2 or 3 more top 10’s.
  7. I remember that too. I think that was a very difficult time for her.
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  8. As an aside, can we all just push Shadow when it's out and the album the week leading up to release? Folks did this during the Strictly semi finals and it helped!
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  9. The crazy thing is that Let It Go was a great pop/dance tune which even stands up well to this day. R1 DJs have happily played far shittier songs than Let It Go over the years.
  10. I think it was always widely-known that SyCo are/were a "small" outfit with extremely limited time resources forcing a very distinct "pecking order"...

    Shayne was a priority, replaced by Leona, replaced by Alexandra... then along came One Direction (a mammoth amount of global public interest that couldn't possibly be planned for or "created" in any cynical way - it was just "one of those things") and every other act was sidelined immediately.

    Despite this huge success with One Direction, the show was already starting to stall (TV Ratings-wise) so it's understandable that they had no plans to expand their record-label-division.

    The result? Everyone aside from One Direction was given a little attention when possible and, if they were a smash, all the better (except, nobody aside from Little Mix, who themselves were shared with another Sony label, did).

    I think that the main problem with X-Factor was that winners were signed to the equivalent of AATW!!!! That they've had so many flash-in-the-pan successes is a bit of a magical feat in itself!

    With regards to Simon Cowell (who undoubtedly has far less input in the record label side than he'd like people to believe), I absolutely agree that he personally felt the need to destroy Alexandra for daring to try and engineer a successful second era - apparently, she should have felt lucky to sit around and wait for scraps, like Leona and Shayne trustingly did!

    I touched on this in a different thread but, black British female acts face so much scrutiny from the public (murmurs of her "arrogance", "dislikeability", "cockiness" were already rife during the first campaign). Alex isn't stupid, so she clearly knew that her songs needed to be great and her delivery exceptional (always a given with her) to drown out the naysayers - that old "be 100 times better than the competition" adage.

    Alas, a quickly rushed and low-budget second album was not enough - though what other options did she have?
  11. Syco really are the worst, they are known for putting other acts on the backburner so that another can gain momentum. They should have released Alexandra’s second album in 2010, 2011 at the latest. And I think that is part of the reason she didn’t do as well, a 3 year delay between albums for an Artist that is fairly new isn’t really ideal.
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  12. It was supposed to come out in mid 2011 pre scrapping
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  13. This is true. However, as new as she was as an artist, she was and still is a household name. It's not like no one knew who she was. Or does that not matter you reckon? I doubt the album would have tanked as hard as it did if came out after the single that many had heard and seen rather than the second which very few did (and by this point, it was clear the record was going to stall becaue of the airplay issues.

    For this album, I do hope they push her to do mini dates outside the UK. This UK centric plan has a shelf life I think and fear. I've felt this for years.
  14. Brilliantly put.

    And indeed it was. They should have just done it. She was big and popular enough and it would have sold off the back of her tour.
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  15. and of course didn't help her persona either...She should never have been allowed on that judging panel that night.
  16. She’ll never better All Night Long.

    Good luck trying though.
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  17. I’m sure she made the decision to guest judge herself for a pay cheque and to keep her profile up. I doubt she was infantilised to the extent that someone could have dis-‘allow’-ed her from taking part. Anyone in her position would have jumped at the chance.

    Watching it back, the reaction to her appearance was completely irrational and unwarranted. She may have come across as a little too big for her boots but the vilification was out of order.
    The fact that people hold ‘’ against her seven years later is testament to how unfairly she’s been treated by the British public. Other talent show judges say more stupid things on a weekly basis.

    She maybe could have played it a little more savvy but I think she got over excited at being at the other side of the judges’ table.
  18. I always say it, but if they had released 'Before It Explodes' as a lead single from #AB2 or even the debut re-release, things may have panned out differently for her. I think 'Start Without You' was the start of her being seen as a "cheesy" pop star, despite being a big hit.

    'Shadow' is great by the way, wish it was on Spotify!
  19. Also she spoke plenty sense as well.
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  20. I'm sure she said afterwards that Simon Cowell pretty much rang her up that day and told her she was doing it? So even if she was happy to oblige, she would have been very unprepared. She also admitted getting over excited, which obviously didn't translate well but she definitely doesn't deserve to be condemned for it all these years later.
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