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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. I don't want to live in a timeline where Start Without You wasn't released. An iconic mess.
  2. Absolutely. And that was quite something given that she showed up on short notice and had basically no judging experience.

    I wonder if part of the backlash was directed at her because she was still such a new artist at the time. She had only just established her career off the back of the first album but didn't have the experience of, say, Dannii, Kelly or Cheryl.

    So (in addition to the obvious reasons) her mere presence on the panel may have led to a degree of "Who is she to be judging people?" from the general public - even though it wasn't her fault that Simon asked her to be there.
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  3. There are rumours going around the theatre community that Alex will be playing Svetlana in the ENO's production of Chess at the London Coliseum – 26 Apr - 02 Jun 2018.

    Rest of the cast is apparently –
    Tim Howar as Freddie
    Michael Ball as Anatoly
    Alexandra Burke as Svetlana
    Cassidy Janson as Florence
    Murray Head as The Arbiter
  4. Then I will be there with bells on. I’d love to see her cast in roles that are more challenging.
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  5. The irony being that she had more experience of how to win a talent show than anyone else on the panel.
  6. 100%. Even as a fan of hers I could understand the complaints that she wasn't really qualified to judge people whose position she had been in herself only a couple of years before. But again, if Simon asked/told her to do it then there wasn't much she could do.
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  7. Now THAT is an amazing opportunity - just enough shows to qualify for Olivier consideration too, if I'm not mistaken.

  8. Just to say it's not me personally condemning her for the X factor judges gig/ but the public and media reaction didn't help. She was over excited which was understandable being on the other side.

    Maybe it wasn't even that....maybe it was just the second album curse that SO many artists have suffered from....?
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  9. Interesting! She'll be very busy if it's true.
  10. If she signs on the dotted line for “Chess” & the album becomes a sleeper hit, she could be forced to abandon album promotion (& therefore continued album sales in autumn/ winter), whilst she acts on stage/ promotes the stage play.

    The producers who will be paying her to promote “Chess” won’t appreciate her slipping an unsponsored album product into the media conversation for their Show.
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  11. I'm sure that Michael Ball will be banging on about "Ball & Boe Vol. 27" throughout, so she needn't worry.
  12. Ddddd the album is not going to be a sleeper hit. It’s a Mother’s Day cash in.
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  13. It is being released the week after Mother's Day.
  14. I guess it's a short run, and it would be a pretty 'worthy' production if true.
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  15. This is a decision worthy of Syco. Iconic.
  16. The musical peak of “Chess” is this duet, where the two female leads, go head to head vocally.

    Do we know yet, who is playing the Rival to Alex’s character, who will literally HAVE to be a match for Alex in the vocal department on this track?
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  17. It says above - Cassidy Janson (from the Carole King musical).

    She'll be surrounded by established West End Stars - if she can step up acting wise she'll have her pick of new musicals next year. Unprecedented!
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  18. Oh Wow, good fit. This vocal blend could be something special.

  19. Just getting on my "boring old theatre gay" soapbox for a moment...

    I think that a lot of the general public assume that "theatre" is "theatre" and that a star-system doesn't particularly exist in that environment. Simon Cowell even refers to "musical theatre" as a lesser career choice than "popstar". People make no differentiation between, say, Beverley Knight headlining a revival of The Bodyguard and Joe McElderry leading a touring production of Joseph. However, there absolutely is a "hierarchy" of success and it often transfers to other industries too.

    1) For musicals (as they fill theatres so lend themselves well to touring versus plays), the entry-level of such "stardom" begins with these. Tried and tested musicals with built-in fanbases will often cast ex-popstars or X-Factor contestants because their own popularity can drag in younger audiences to regional theatres, yet to discover that particular musical.

    2) The next (even more prestigious) stage is to be a headliner in an ongoing West End musical (think Mamma Mia or Wicked or The Lion King). These shows attract a global tourist audience and so "regional" stars (ie. only in the UK) are only generally cast if a) they are of a suitable standard versus lesser-known names or b) are big-enough names that their casting will generate media coverage of the show in UK press

    3) The final (most prestigious) stage is to be a headliner in new musicals or revivals of musicals (think Imelda Staunton or Judi Dench or Elaine Page to name but three). These revivals (first year only) or new musicals qualify for the Olivier Awards (there are generally fewer than 10 of these shows a year) and nominees for these awards tend to then go into the small casting pool for subsequent years.

    As an actor, getting to this final stage is huge - somebody like Imelda Staunton or Judi Dench is then practically head-hunted to lead UK television shows or UK films - they're seen as "masters of their craft" and hugely reliable to casting directors. This can sometimes lead to transferring to Broadway (where the same three tiers apply for the USA, yet there is weirdly very little crossover with the West End) and the Tony Awards. BIG careers can be built in this way.

    Basically, Alexandra has limited acting experience (to our knowledge) but due to being a young, black woman in an industry that has a smaller casting pool of actresses for race-specific roles she was lucky enough to go straight into Tier 2, replacing Beverley Knight in The Bodyguard. The touring production of Sister Act saw her take a step down the ladder but also allowed her to keep learning and improving on the job.

    If it is true that she's headlining a revival of Chess? She's just jumped straight into Tier 3 (almost all of her peers on this circuit are still on Tier 1) and will be performing alongside established theatre stars exclusively in that tier.

    This could/should be a step towards a BIG CAREER CHANGE and it excites me greatly.

    That her part in Chess was traditionally played by a white actress? She has an amazing agent and her mega-profile (positively or negatively) during Strictly was a masterstroke.

    All she has to do now is justify the hype (and I think we all know that outperforming expectations is Alexandra's specialty)

    Really, really happy for her if it is true...
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  20. I'm very excited too- to be honest I feel like her inclusion on the rumored cast list is too unexpected for it NOT to be true.

    Hopefully we get confirmation either way soon.
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