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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Finally get to play this on Spotify! I like it very much. It's catchy, and showcases her voice. I think what she needs is an easy hit, and this is it. She'll have time for experimenting and paying for expensive producers when she gets her career properly going again.
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  2. I just want them to get promoting the album. Still no itunes preorder!
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  3. I really like this! Nothing groundbreaking but it's a cute adult contemporary bop.
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  4. Im not so sure. This is very very basic and I cannot see it selling the album at all.
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  5. I really wouldn't go expecting a hit from this or any other singles she releases. I have hopes for the album if it's promoted properly, but sadly I think she's past the stage of having hits.
  6. She's not going to have hits and nor should she aim to.The market that might buy her albums don't care if something is a hit. They won't know anything that has been in the charts for the past 5 years apart from Ed Sheeran and Adele.

    Her voice, stage presence, delivery, performance etc are flawless but she really does need help in finding material.
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  7. Yeah I meant hit in the sense of 'financially viable release' rather than an actual charting single. The objective here is pretty much getting enough streams and number of gigs to prevent being dropped.
  8. Though if the single doesn't chart, it's probably because she isn't getting very many streams of course.

    It'll be album sales and downloads that are key for her. I think if they can get her well backed by Radio 2, performances on The One Show etc, she might do the equivalent of 100,000 albums and that'll do. (I haven't heard the song yet though!)
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  9. I love her but 50k is a positive final result considering the last album.
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  10. She’s not clearing 100,000 albums.
  11. Who knows, the tour and some playlists might get her some healthy streaming numbers in the long term. Una Healy's debut (also from Decca) charted at #28, but the single got 2M+ streams and she sang at every country festival she could, and she's now recording the follow up album, so it's not impossible for Alexandra to continue on the same deal even if this is not a huge comeback.
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  12. My thing is this promo should have been happening now.
  13. How many albums do you need to sell to make this kind of project a success ?

    To even recoup the costs ?
  14. I wonder if she has paid for a lot of the recording herself, which will lessen costs substantially.
  15. Just saw Shadow via an Instagram ad and came here to say I think it's perfect for what she needs to be doing. It's catchy, not dated but also not trying to be ultra-contemporary. Video looks nice too.
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  16. Shut the fuck up
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  18. Sis you’re being overwhelmingly negative for no reason whatsoever. If you stay don’t like the music, stay out of the thread and stop preventing others’ enjoyment.
  19. Sis, back up a second yourself when I know full well you’ve done the exact thing you’re trying to preach against right here. Its trash, I’m allowed to voice that it’s trash, deal with it.
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