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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. No, but it was another crank of similar ilk.

    For anyone who knows the score, she sings ‘He is a Man, He is a Child’, ‘Someone Else’s Story’ & the duet with Cassidy.
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  2. Remix of "Summer" in the background. Obviously the 2nd single choice.
  3. I found a pair of missing socks today and heard Alexandra Burke whisper/sing "Hallelujah" in my ear.
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  4. Imagine them remixing the song for a single release and making it sound like it should have been on the 'heartbreak on hold' album. I'm in.
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  5. I think we all are at this point.
  6. This has to be the new single I need this haha
  7. So, the reviews are out for Chess and they're generally savage.

    On the bright side, every single negative review highlights Alexandra as being great and "underused" so mission accomplished with regards to climbing the West End ladder even further...
  8. They're quite mixed overall but great to see Alexandra being praised...

    But there do seem to have been a fair share of two star reviews too.

    From what I've read, there seems to be more criticism of the show (the plot or lack thereof) itself rather than this production, if that makes any sense?
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  9. Agreed - I think that most critics view it as a "basic" musical so that clouds their judgement anyway.

    She has definitely escaped unscathed even if it is regarded as a "flop" in the future...
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  10. As long as she's getting good reviews personally, and being picked out as a highlight, then it's job done really.
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  11. The comments on Alexandra do seem to be positive in spite of the mixed reviews:

    The Guardian
    Queen of looking into the distance at her hugely successful future.

    Evening Standard
    Underutilised queen of passion and being dignified in spite of this clearly being a bit of a shit show.

    The Independent

    Queen of the Beef.

    Queen of being such a star that she has to proactively dim her own star power so as not to blind the general public.

    The Stage
    Queen of being consistently decent.
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  12. Good one here too...
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  13. Alexandra Burke says fans are too scared to say “hello” after fake Strictly stories made her out to be a bitch.

    Alex told me: “The false stories affected what people think of me.

    “People say, ‘You’re actually really nice, I thought you’d be a complete bitch’.

    “Someone came up to me in Tesco and said they were almost too scared to say hello because of what they had read.”

    Alex received vile social media abuse throughout Strictly from trolls who accused her of being fake.

    She hit back: “I know I can be hyper and that’s too much for some people to deal with.

    “It can be too much for my fiancé if I’ve had a strong coffee but I’m definitely not fake.” Having known Alex for 10 years I can vouch for that.

    The former X Factor winner is starring with Michael Ball in West End musical Chess at the London Coliseum.

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  14. Saw Chess on Friday. The reviews are right - she’s in an entirely different show. Everyone else is competent but artificial, but she’s completely heartbreaking. Her future really is in musical theatre I think and this will probably turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.
  15. That's very good to hear. I hope to catch her performance before the run ends.

    In other news...

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  16. Wow. This is really sad.

    Very glad she's doing amazing in Chess! She deserves to shine - Broadway next please! She deserves to hit it big Cynthia Erivo style. I also hope she gets a film role in the next few years. She really is a quadruple threat. She can act, dance, sing and models brilliantly too.
  17. Out of the effing blue!
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  18. Dddd I love how much Ru stans Alexandra and Let It Go, I remember him posting this on his Twitter a couple years ago too. Make Sissy That Walk (All Night) Remix happen Ru.
  19. I know. I can't believe she shops in Tesco.
  20. So there is a new single coming.

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