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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. The Truth Is is the new single, along with a basic video. Powerful song.
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  2. Is the video available to watch anywhere?
  3. It was just an exclusive clip so don’t think so - yet. It’s just her sitting in an empty room singing into a mic.
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  4. Must have been what she was on Lorraine for. I do hope her team add some inspiration and creativity into the next record. She can turn heads with her talent, she just needs a little spice musically. She has a massive personality which oddly has never come through her music.
  5. Wish it was something more upbeat like were in the summer months now and the weather is good nobody is gonna wanna pic up on it and listen to it bar her fans
  6. Summer starts in June.
    TTI is the best song on the album and she wants to shift albums and tickets for her tour (of the same name.) It’s the best choice for single. The time of year doesn’t necessarily dictate the tempo of a song to be released.
    I’m sure she’ll release Summer and the remix in the coming months.
  7. I'd love to hear an acoustic version of Believe, Without You and the duet.
  8. Her interview on Lorraine is up

    And she's also done a live performance of The Truth Is

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  9. Video must be coming soon for The Truth Is. She looks amazing.

  10. I saw Chess the other night. It's the worst musical I've ever seen but Alex holds her own with some very experienced co stars.
  11. I only just saw this and she is so nice, down-to-earth and humble. Thinking of all the negative reports about her makes me so angry. It's so undeserved.
  12. I would love if the video isn’t just her sitting or standing there like the shadow music video, even if there’s clips of her and her mother in it I’d be happy
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  13. I saw it recently and it's definitely a marmite experience (in parts, it's more of an opera than musical) but I adored it. The score is incredible and the orchestra, cast and chorus sound fantastic together.

    Aside from the score itself, Alexandra was the highlight for me though and she'll no doubt go from strength to strength in terms of the roles she's offered after this. Though it was a much smaller role than the Bodyguard or Sister Act, in some ways it is a riskier/more challenging piece.

    Onwards and upwards for her!
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  14. Two of her solos from Chess are uploaded here in reasonable quality... for how long they’ll last, I’m not sure. She sounds incredible, to be fair.

    Would love to see her again before it closes on Saturday.

  15. It was incomprehensibly awful. How those atrocious tuneless songs were written by Benny and Bjorn is beyond me and the less said about that 'One Night in Bangkok' scene the better !!

    Alex was very good and her ability to adapt to this kind of role and singing is very impressive.
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  16. We'll have to disagree on the score; there are some amazing songs in the show and they were beautifully performed here. I have read a lot of criticisms of the book for Chess but the score is almost universally lauded. It's all a matter of taste I guess...

    " Chess placed seventh in a BBC Radio 2 listener poll of the U.K.'s "Number One Essential Musicals".[6]

    The original concept album received critical accolades, with Rolling Stone raving that the "dazzling score covers nearly all the pop bases", Kurt Ganzl's Blackwell Guide to the Musical Theatre on Record telling readers about the "thrilling exposition of an exciting piece of modern musical theater occurring before the event" and Time declaring that the "rock symphonic synthesis was ripe with sophistication and hummable tunes".

    The album became a Top 10 hit in the UK, West Germany and South Africa, reached #47 on the US Billboard 200, #39 in France, #35 in Australia, and for seven weeks remained at #1 on the Swedish album chart due in no small part to the composers' Swedish heritage. The recording also received several prestigious awards, including the Goldene Europa from Germany, the Edison Award from the Netherlands, and the Rockbjörn from Sweden."

    As for One Night in Bangkok, the staging was quite tasteless but I have seen much more provocative staging in other productions such as Miss Saigon, without a peep of criticism.

    At least we can agree on Alexandra being great!
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  17. Holy shit, she sounds incredible.
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  18. waaaaiit this album is already out?? How didn't I know? Heartbreak On Hold was one of my favourite albums in the time it came out, gotta listen to the new album when I get home!
  19. Rob


    It's extremely underwhelming.
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  20. Her vocal growth over the last decade has been sensational. Hoping to meet her at the stage door this evening!
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