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Alexandra Burke - The Truth Is (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sesita, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Ok so tea.

    I met Alex tonight and as per she was a gem. She did say she's been offered another role but isn't sure if she'll take it as it'll delay her next album (for context people asked her what she was doing next).

    She stayed for ages and talked to us all individually. I really hope she keeps succeeding. She's just brill.
  2. Is the tour cancelled? There are no tickets on sale anywhere anymore and her website doesn't have any mention or link to a tour anymore..
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  3. I went onto ticket master and it says cancelled ?
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  4. I was under the impression it hadn't sold that badly? It's a shame if they have cancelled it.

    Could she have perhaps accepted the other role she had been offered which @LivingLoife revealed?
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  5. What?! Nooooo!
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  7. Exactly my thoughts. Such a shame as I was hugely excited to see her.

    Hit me hard applicable jam.

  8. Poor Alex. Unfortunately music isn't where her future lies (especially with her seemingly terrible taste). She should be (and deserves to be) a massive theatre star.
  9. A shame, but she’s almost certainly got another West End role confirmed. I assume she must anticipate that she’ll get more money in this new role which is interesting because I would’ve assumed her own tour, no matter how small, would generate more mulaaa.
  10. That is a huge shame, because it is actually singing live when the public could have seen her reaching her full potential.
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  11. Yeah deffo. They know it's where her future lies and tbh she should go for this and Broadway. From the sounds of it this role is a long term commitment.
  12. True. But her team have had plenty chance to sort that out on record. She's never delivered a vocal like the Bodyguard or Chess on any album which is ridiculous!!
  13. Tbh her vocal on The Bodyguard cast recording is borderline abysmal.
  14. I
    I meant from the live shows. Also it's not that bad - they recorded it before she started the tour where her voice improved/grew a lot. She did say theatre has given her lots of vocal discipline and stamina. Re album vocals, we have to suffer much worse people on radio everyday.
  15. Yeah but when they’re are at least 100 other trained females who could of nailed the recording or even Beverley Knight on hand, it’s clear they chose the wrong singer to immortalise that role in the West End.
  16. Black girls in theatre? Really though? I don't think they did at all. She did incredibly well. You need a decent name to replace Beverley and she did quite well. It would make no sense to have Beverley on the record as she was leaving the show.
  17. I’m literally commenting on her vocal. And how plenty other girls could of done it better. Believe it or not, there are 100 other black women out there who trained in musical theatre, they just didn’t enter an ITV singing competition.
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  18. Ooh! Please do drop the names of some of your faves. I'm always looking to head to shows to support people etc.
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