Alexandra Stan - General Discussion

Those video visuals look good, too bad the cover is a Coverlandia mess.

It's the fact that we're only really getting 6 new songs (including an outro) out of the several-year wait for a new album for me.

I think I love it/Obsesii shouldn't even be here. Excited to hear the unreleased tracks though.
This must be her most solid album yet, it's almost a singles collection, but the new tracks are great too.

Such a shame its singles hardly made any noise, I really thought this new deal with Universal Romania would change things up for her.
The Rainbows photoshoot has so many stunning shots in it. I don't get why they picked that random backstage dressing room photo as the cover over some of the other gorgeous shots shes posting on her IG.
Come Into My World and It’s My Life are certified BOPS.

Honestly I’m surprised she hasn’t collaborated with bigger producers and musicians throughout her career, there’s something about her voice that is SO catchy and she has so much star power. She deserves another Mr. Saxobeat sized hit.