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Alexandra Stan - General Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. She has so many different threads I think it's time to just give her a general thread. She isn't exactly a huge pop girl so it makes sense.

    ANYWAY, she has a new album called Alesta coming out on March 9th in Japan. Here's the artwork


    & here's the most recent single "I Did It Mama"

    She always comes through with some bops.
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  2. All of her stuff comes out in Japan first. True Japanese Queen. When will Carly? When will Holly Valance?
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  3. Hopefully never.
  4. It feels like just yesterday Unlocked came out!

    I'm here for this. She's a pretty talented artist and she does have some major bops (Little Lies).
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  5. Alexandra is a real gem, her and Inna have made some bop filled albums over the past two/three years. I'm so ready for this
  6. Wow can't believe she will release a new album already. I hope she includes some tracks like the ones in Unlocked.
  7. New single is Balans with Mohombi
  8. Unlocked is such an amazing album, she never fails! Can't wait for it!
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  9. I need to check out a full album of hers. Lemonade really takes me back to an amazing summer holiday and the duet with Inna is a BAWP. I even like the acoustic version.
  10. I can't view the video with the previews but here's another one if it's unavailable to others as well. Sounds fantastic!!
  11. Best basic bops in the game. Seriously, nobody does it like Alexandra. I can't wait to hear the album in full.
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  12. We need another Romanian pop girl to finish off the Romanian Pop Trinity!
    The album is great, still not on par with Inna but it's nice.

  13. Yes mama, I've shacked up with a bunch of gay biker dancer waiters who like fishnet tights? [Why don't I do this?]
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  14. Oh, the relentless march of progress.
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  15. I've always had a soft spot for her. She's just too cute! Bopping right now.
  16. Listening to bits of the album and I must say she remains the best pop act this shit country has ever had. Balans and I Did It Mama have two of the best beat choruses in recent years.
    Also, if anyone is interested, I suggested an Alexandra/Romanian bop queens rate in the Rate Queue thread, which I'd love to run if people are up for one.
  17. @Up Down Suite oh, don't call your country "shitty". At least Romania has a pop 'scene' of sorts, and your brand of super campy, high energy dance music is pretty well known worldwide.

    You've no idea how it is to live in a country where the music industry is almost non-existent. In Argentina, pop just isn't commercially viable anymore to the point that the only currently successful female popstar had to self-fund her debut album. And she only got a shot at pop because she's a former TV actress. Her music isn't even mixed properly. Now that's depressing.
  18. I just stumbled across her track 'Lemonade'-what a fantastic summer bop! I'm keen to give her new album a listen, only had heard 'Mr. Saxobeat' a long way back.
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  19. Lemonade is one hell of a summer bop! How it didn't smash worldwide is beyond me. You'd also probably like Cliche (Hush Hush) although sadly these 2 gems never made it onto any of her studio albums.
  20. Lemonade is Alexandra's best song. And also one of the songs of the century. I'm not even joking. It's just the perfect pop song.
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