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Alexandra Stan - General Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Anyone able to enlighten me as to what 'Balans' actually means? Is it like Romanian for 'balance' or?

    Its such a catchy, euphoric little BOP. Really want it to smash worldwide, everyone needs Balans in their life.

    New album isn't as good as Unlocked, but Step It Up is giving me life right now.
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  2. It's a pretentious London bar chain that serves food?
  3. That... Is not the answer I was expecting. Huh.
  4. This is pure, lush eurodance in its most unadultered form, so if you're into that sort of thing you'll probably love this track:

    Good video too!
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  5. This is out and I totally missed it.

    Artworks's quite good!:


    I'm currently listening to the album, and I really like it.
  6. Get What You Give is giving me life.
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  7. I think my favourite upon first listen is La Fuega, but maybe it's just the title.
  8. BZZ


    Im such a stan. I'm so happy she is somewhat re-building her platform after the Marcel/Manager incident. ALSO happy she worked with Play&Win on the album, serving Inna-esque bops. For album 4, i need more I Did It Mama's and less Boom Pow/La Fuega's.

    She'll probably release a new single by the end of the year.
  9. Ecoute is by far the best on the album. And We Wanna, obviously. Overall, it's quite good, but a bit unremarkable. I feel like Unlocked was a lot more distinct and adventurous. This one's straightforward eurodance with a dash of mainstream pop in a very predictable way.
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  10. Wait has it been rereleased or something? I've been listening to Alesta since March...?

    The first 4 tracks still refuse to hand my pussy back.
  11. Was just gonna say. Re-release maybe? Or has it only landed in the UK now? I could have sworn it's been on Spotify since March/April too. Idk.

    However, this thread getting bumped has given me the urge to listen to Balans again. Awesome summer pop track. Pity the album isn't as strong as Unlocked. I do really enjoy Step it Up and I Did It Mama, though.
  12. Yeah it's been on my Spotify since March. UK account but then I'm in Asia now so guess it came out here promptly.
  13. New collab.

    Alexandra is more of series of samples on it, rather than a featured vocalist, but it's quite good. I dig it.

  14. I didn't know this one got a video. Here it is in case anyone's interested.
  15. I still can't believe Get What You Give wasn't a single. Sack your team girl.
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  16. This is so true.
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  17. New video:

    Nothing revolutionary in terms of visuals, but this song bops real hard and totally deserved an official vid. It sounds awesome played back to back together with Lemonade.
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  18. Shocked this hasn't been posted yet!
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  19. (It's crap).
  20. The Like A Virgin cover was done as a tie-in with the release of Virgin Radio in Romania
    And I may or may not have done the cover artwork for it which was pretty exciting because it's Madonna-related.
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