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Alexandra Stan - General Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Happy & Celebrate do it for me. The former is pure pop and the latter is an EDM fantasy.
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  2. RMK


    This has always been such a lackluster song and video, but a moment nonetheless and that's why I bop.
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  3. "Balans" is currently tearing it up on radio in Mauritius.
  4. Her discography is a pretty great collection of basic bops.

    Still the best thing she's done/one of the best songs of the decade.

  5. Come thru Mami era dddddd
  6. Oh my, that looks steeeeamy.
  7. Someone needs to get a still shot/GIF of her face when she realises she's licking a chilli, that's a meme that's just begging to happen.
  8. Oh this is finally good after the previous two singles which were a bit meh.
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  9. I love it.....however I was hoping maybe he will take his shirt off thirsty me
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  10. Just somehow stumbled upon "Mami" while on YouTube. It's a bop, but like... what even is her career? Is she independent now?
  11. 'Mami' is a bop, but what's the fuckery with it still not being on Spotify (or any other streaming service/digital download platform, as far as I could tell) 2 weeks after the video release? Mess.

    Some (old) news about the album, which is also titled 'Mami': it is expected to be released this month in Japan. Here's the tracklist (only 10 tracks and she already released 4 of them) for the japanese version:


    She's already teased some tracks. I can't wait for this new set of generic bops, though this one called 'Take Me Home' (?), with acoustic vibes, is the one that caught my attention the most:

    It will be featured in the international version of the album, that will be released later with a different tracklist.
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  12. Video of the year. We love Alexandra Stiff.


  13. As usual, the album will be out in Japan before the international release.
  14. Had no idea about the album until this morning when I got an e-mail from CDJapan.
  15. Has anyone listened to this yet?

    I’m only down as far as ‘India’ (‘tis a bop).
  16. It's alright, there's too many duds to be a decent album.
  17. I'd actually forgotten all about this, but I'm now giving it a listen and it's all good so far.
  18. #119 in Japan... with no promo, as far as I'm aware. Get out there, Alex!!
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  19. The album is quite decent. "Round & Round" and "Ou La La" are the highlights for me. I do want to hear that "Take Me Home" song she previewed on Instagram as well.
  20. Still waiting for international release. Alesta was released everywhere like a week after Japan, but this one is taking long like Unlocked. I only listened to the official sampler video on YT... and it's bops once again.

    Clean Bandit's latest smash is such a Alexandra Stan song, down to the little runs in verses. Love it.
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