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Alexandra Stan - Saxobeats (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. The one hit wonder from my country, who has managed to crack America (wow!), is releasing an album. Cover:

    Expect lots of trash music.
  2. That title opens herself up to puns about all the songs sounding the same as Mr Saxobeat, which I imagine lots of them will.

    That being said, I do love that song! And good for her for doing so well

    Steve x
  3. This could potentially be quite good. I wonder will it just be 12 Mr Saxobeat clones.
  4. 12 Mr Saxobeat clones would be welcome with me.

    Although I would say One Million is clearly different from her other two singles, only similar in the genre.
  5. I can't listen to Mr Saxobeat another time, it seriously is played every 5 minutes in every radio.
  6. Out in September.

    01. Mr. Saxobeat - (Radio Edit)
    02. Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)
    03. Ting-Ting
    04. Crazy
    05. Get Back (ASAP)
    06. 1 Million (feat. Carlprit)
    07. Show Me the Way
    08. Bitter Sweet
    09. Mr Saxobeat (Maan Studio Remix)
    10. Get Back (ASAP) (Maan Studio Remix)
    11. Lollipop (Param pam pam) (Club Version)
    12. Mr. Saxobeat (Extended Version)
    13. Get Back (Asap) [Extended Version]
  7. Remember the days when 13 songs on an album meant 13 unique and individual songs? Sigh. Of course, I'll be buying this the day it comes out.
  8. I like Get Back. Also didnt know it was Alexandra Stan, I've definitely heard it before but didnt place it as her. Somehow.
  9. So the album only has 8 songs?

  10. I feel sorry for her. She's trying desperately to tell the world about Mr Saxo's domestic violence, and all people keep doing is thrusting at her.
  11. Only 8 songs? Not pleased about this Alexandra, I'm sure you've probably recorded more.
  12. Show Me The Way & Bittersweet are bloody brilliant!
  13. So glad there are 3 versions of Mr Saxobeat on the album. They hardly ever play that song on the radio and in no way does it make me want to jab a fork in my ear when I hear it.
  14. Wow the song "BitterSweet" sounds so Britney
    an "Crazy" "Show Me The Way"
    great aswell this would be a Solid Album!
    go AS! cant wait to purchuse the Album

  15. They know why people are going to by the album for and they are not having any shame it giving it to them. Love it.
  16. Bitter Sweet should def be a single.
  17. adz


    Param Pam Pam. Is it a cover of Little Drummer Boy?
  18. Ting Ting sounds promising
  19. Show Me The Way or Bittersweet
    should serv as next singlr

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