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Alexis Jordan - Good Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by passionoia, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Thank you for posting this Passionoia.

    Great song, but not as instant as Happiness which was one of the best songs of 2010.
  2. I hope this is another big hit for her. Dance-music artists always have a hard time releasing full-length albums, so I'm a little worried about that. In my opinion she's got the most potential out of any newcomer this year, forget the stank BBC Sound of-list...
  3. rihannalover

    rihannalover Guest

    Fortunately for her, her record label (StarRoc) currently only have one other artist in its roster (Range), and are planning on releasing their own compilations.
  4. Sounds like its on par with Happiness. This is a good thing!
  5. Meh, it is definitely not as nice as Happiness in my opinion. Perhaps it'll grow on me, but nothing from it has stuck on me yet.
  6. I do love this!
  7. MB


  8. Do Not Want. Too bad because she can be the next Rihanna. she has a strong team behind her and looks very hot too. This song is bad.
  9. It's nice, but while "Happiness" was chilled loung-house-dance music with a huge emotional chorus, this is just lounge-house-dance music with nothing else.
    The remixes will probably give it more oomph.
  10. Way better than that 'Happiness'.
  11. slimane

    slimane Guest

    She should cover Outta my head by Leona and make it a hit.
  12. slimane

    slimane Guest

    The strings on this remind me of I gotta feeling. It's nothing special.
  13. This is brilliant! I didn't know how she would follow her debut up because it would be hard...but this is nearly as good. I really hope Alexis is a huge success story!
  14. Happiness was a breath of fresh air, one of the best songs from 2010.
    This is a good track, but doesn't have that same sparkle about it. But I still really like it, and I like Alexis.
  15. I like this significantly better than 'Happiness'.
  16. Good song, but I reckon it'll flop.

    The new Agnes. (in the UK, at least)
  17. Happiness is one of my favourtie songs of 2010. Altough this isn't quite as good as Happiness, it is still really good! Is there any word on an album yet?
  18. Freemason's remix is very good too.
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