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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dazzle, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. No popjustice forum is complete without a topic on the former PJ (where the hell has it gone?) columnist.

    So... there won't be any material from Alexis coming out this year, partly due to ill health, partly to another reason which I'm guessing is something to do with Mercury. But the material she's had is fooking fantastic, and she is one of the funniest maddest women you could ever meet.

    So yes - love for the Strum!
  2. She's very talented and funny but she's not very friendly.

    I hope she gets better though.
  3. She is an extremely talented songwriter and she is very beautiful. She must write Britney a song like she said she would/wanted to.
  4. So sorry to hear she's still in poor health/Mercury's still a load of wankers.

    "Me And You This Time" is my MySpace anthem and probably fave song of the year. Too bad they didn't release THAT single, would've hit number one.

    Here's hoping she does write Brit Brit a corker during her recuperation.

    Three cheers for Ms. Strum:

    Hip hip hoo-ray.

    Hip hip hoo-ray.

    Hip hip hoo-ray.
  5. "Me and You This Time" is so good it's crazy. I hope someone records it. Maybe All Saints will do it. I could see Kylie doing it in the future perhaps.
  6. 'Truer' words were never spoken. That song is so incredible it deserves a "Panorama" special unto itself. I could definitely see the 'Saints do it or even Kylie, as CharDog suggested - but it would actually be great if that were Alexis' comeback single.

    When she said, on her Myspace blog, that there were other reasons for the no-output-in-2006 situation other than ill-health, it did cross my mind that she has parted ways with Mercury. If that is the case then that's double-poo. That's 2 Strum LPs gone down the drain.

    The old forums had lots of discussions on whether she was good enough to be a popstar as opposed to a mere Songwriter Extraordinaire - I think she is. And here's hoping she will be.
  7. I met her once. I told her she's great and I asked for an autograph (and I was the only one asking at the moment) and she looked at me. Signed it. And went to talk to somebody else. She didn't say anything to me.
  8. Me and You this time is truly amazing, and would be massive for someone. I could totally see Kylie doing it, and since Britneys good job on Breath on Me even Britney.
  9. When I first heard me and you this time... i could instantly hear Rachel stevens dumbing down the vocals ala Nothing Good About This Goodbye...

    I hope she gets a hit, she deserves it... she writes really good songs, that arnt as dull as dishwater... and can actually sing them well...
  10. Personally I love Alexis but let's face it - it's never gonna happen for her as a popstar. It's a shame but she's had less success than Lisa Scott-Lee. No onee's interested.
  11. sesamekitten

    sesamekitten Guest

    Hope Alexis gets better soon. As regards Mercury, if she has parted company with them then it can only be a good thing in my opinion. They are probably the reason she hasn't been getting anywhere - they seem to have a talent in suppressing the talented (doesn't explain LSL failing though?) - she'll be better off without them.
  12. Werent Mercury having financial trouble about a year back?

    Maybe thats why things are difficult there now... son of dork seem to be unable to release aswell i heard...
  13. To be fair, Mercury did give her a few chances. They could have given up after 'Bad haircut' flopped but they carried on with 'It could be you' anyway.
  14. If you call 'a few chances' having cheap and unimaginative videos, then not even getting either single on the New Releases racks of any record stores. Mercury have hardly behaved like a major label for Alexis Strum.
  15. adz


    they kinda also deserted the wonderful Lucie Silvas.

    They did a bit of promo for the first 2 singles, but expected the other 3 to just sell on themselves.
  16. IT COULD BE YOU was shelved at the last minute because Mercury didn't put any promo into it. Alexis resorted to asking her myspace friends to write to the radio stations requesting that the song is added. Surely Mercury should have invested in a good radio plugger.
  17. Alexis always hated it when I compared her to Lucie, but Lucie's target audience is what her management were aiming at!
  18. Ok Jonny you should feel baaaad. You made Alexis feel terrible! Read it for yourself at the Hotstuff Files:

    It's okay petal. In May I posted a fake "phonecall" to Alexis that was a bit bitchy. I was just disappointed by her CD not coming out. Alexis,The Modern, Lorraine - all amazing popstars being overlooked for the likes of (as my friend Paul says) Pussyflap Trollls!

    Now should Alexis read this, "Stay Until Summer" will be in my top songs of 2006. We'll just ignore the fact that it's not officially released.
  19. Same here. And it has been for months and months and months. The intro is so lush and the whole song is just beguiling. That and THE LONG WAY HOME are, in my view, amongst the best songs of the last couple of years and the fact that they have not been out for the general public to hear them is a popInjustice of the highest order.
  20. Alexis updated her blog yesterday - here's part of it -

    So basically Cocoon will not be coming out now. I have decided after this big lifechange that I need to address my priorities and do sthg different for a bit- time for a new challenge! Challenge Strum! Like Lisa Scott Lee before me I shall rise again- hahahahahahaha. No but seriously, you are all so superfabulous- please stay in touch and swing by every so often as I will update the site with other tracks from 'the album that never was'.

    It's probably not a big surprise but still a shame - a great lyricist and talented lady - hopefully she will continue writing for other artists.
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