Alexz Johnson - Voodoo Re-Release, Lost Epic Album, and General Discussion

I've been on an Alexz Johnson kick since discovering some of her spectacular shelved Epic tracks, and realized she's one of the great unsung talents of her generation. She writes, she plays, she has a spectacular voice, and she's recorded an obscene number of albums for someone her age, though much of her material's been left to collect dust in label vaults in a series cruel twists of fate.

For those unfamiliar: Johnson is a Canadian actress/singer known chiefly from Instant Star, a pop music themed drama on which she performed a song each episode. My familiarity with the show consists of YouTube clips, so I'm sure others will have more comprehensive views on the standouts.

The Breakdown

The Music

During and after the show, Johnson was signed to Columbia Records and then Epic, before being dropped due to corporate restructuring - read, her A+R's getting fired - each time. She came very close to releasing an album twice. The Epic album, which I believe was to be titled after the track 'Running With The Devil' was nigh-complete and is absolutely brilliant. Try on for size:


Running With The Devil

Because Epic retained ownership of all the music, the songs will likely never legitimately see the light of day. I hope she becomes a big enough star some day to get those tracks back, because they're amazing.

In one of the most likable traits in her bio, Johnson was undeterred by her two shelved albums and marched straight out and recorded a brand new one, with no funding or label backing. It's basically a one woman act, and the resulting album - Voodoo - is great.

LA Made Me

Voodoo (...In fairly spectacular live form. Check out that voice.)

Again, hard to pick tracks here because it's so solid across the board. Apparently a mainstream producer - Demo Castellion, Mr. Furtado himself, bless him - finally took notice and the album's being remixed to be more radio-friendly and geared up for re-release this fall.

Definitely worth investigating, fellow pop snobs!
You pretty much brought everyone up to speed on Alexz :)

I discovered her at some point during Instant Star's run. The show itself ran for 4 seasons with Alexz as the lead. She's done some small films like Stranger With My Face and Devil's Diary but most people seem to remember her from Final Destination 3. So adding to her list of talents is that she's quite a good actress. Good enough to be professional as a side job because it pays for her studio time.

I can fill in some some gaps for Instant Star. She must have recorded 30 or more songs for the show that got released in 5 albums: Songs From Instant Star, Volumes 1-4 and a Greatest Hits:


Let Me Fall

I Don't Know If I Should Stay

Love To Burn

I agree, her Epic album has some of her best material she's ever done. Some of it are masterpieces like your posted Running With The Devil. I'll add a few more songs that came from that, unfortunately, shelved album :(

Shake It Off



Lost and Found

What Rock Have I Been Under

There's more out there than that that she recorded. You're just going to have to track them down and find them. This brings us to her Voodoo album. Voodoo seeing the light of day is a miracle in itself, as the original poster said, she keeps getting hit with cruel twists of fate with her Labels and luck. Voodoo was released on March 9 or 10(I forget which exactly) of 2010. Before even picking up a pen again after all her bad luck with the Labels she was seriously down and not sure she wanted to do this. She posted about having this struggle on her official site in an update. We're very glad she did since Voodoo, every track of it, is incredible. It's 11 tracks of bliss and meant to be listened to from start to finish. I won't add every track, maybe 2 or 3, since discovering how amazing she is seems to be a rite of passage for a new fan, who's desire and unquenchable thirst to find new music of hers can't be stopped until there is absolutely nothing more than can find or discover.

Mr. Jones



I hope you guys give her an honest chance. Definitely one of the most unsung talents. She's been so close to stardom for so long, but for one reason or another, it just doesn't work out. She's a serious musician and total artist.

Also, Alexz performed this summer in Toronto to promote her Voodoo album. Video of this can be found on Alexz Johnson Island or YouTube, where the clips are taken from. The clips you'll find will be fan recorded so be prepared for that. One show that happened before her summer tour happened at the Rivoli, where she performed at least one song that didn't make the cut to her tour, Superstition. All of this is working checking out.