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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Cruisin, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I just had a listen to heartbreak hotel because its Radio 1's BBC Introducing track of the week and its soo good!

    I wonder if it actually samples Ring My Bell?
  3. The new single is very good.

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  4. I want to be mad at her blatantly sampling a well-known song again, but it's such a good use of said sample that I can let it slide.

    Also nice to see she's made life easier for everyone and made her name more searchable.
  5. And the music video is here
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  6. Fully expecting this to pop up in PJSC (even if the sample is a veto!) because of how obvious it is. Clearly still absolutely amazing, but it all feels a bit weird at the moment.
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  7. Yeah, if samples of well-known songs weren't against the rules I'd probably submit it to PJSC 71 (along with about five other people, thus getting it vetoed anyway ddd).
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  8. Wow. I love her. A total throwback to 2008 pop girls. Shes a little Britney and a little Gaga, but updated. Obsessed.
  9. Little bit Gaga circa Lovegame, with Onyx Hotel Tour hair. Obviously I stan.
  10. Amazing! I live!!!
  11. This is a way better alternative to Ava Max if we're really trying to Make America 2008 Again.
  12. Hourglass sounds exactly like something else. It will probably take me days to figure it out...
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  13. Oh duh it samples Human League

    "LOL" or something
  14. With the verses plagiarised from:

  15. Not going to lie, kind of loving her 2008 throwback thing going on. She’s obviously very talented too, excited to see/hear her on some more next level material.

    The videos thus far aren’t perfect either, but you can see how much presence she has. The dancing and her styling are fantastic, she makes a great pop star.
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  16. ALSO, she’s gorgeous and I really, really appreciate someone releasing a Sophie Ellis-Bextor style banger as a single in 2018.
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  17. I'm officially addicted
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  18. She's good but damn her next single should be called RETWEET cause literally clogging up my timeline!
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  19. Hourglass is fucking fantastic.
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  20. I am infatuated. Hourglass is giving me Dannii/Kylie/Britney/Madonna circa 2001-2005. The girl can sing AND dance.
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