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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Cruisin, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. I'm a total Stan, after Boys X Girls, Heartbreak Hotel and now Hourglass. I'm dead at the level of pop perfection this is. Kinda feels very Alcazar, they heavily used well known sample in their tunes. Anyone know where I can find her debut E.P.

    It's like all traces have been deleted?
  2. Whoaa. I didnt even know this existed.

    Anyone? Where are the Nancy Drews and Detective Latoyas of PJ when we desperately need them?
  3. She just released a video for Wonderland. I wonder if it’s the same song that appeared in this first EP (that now it’s impossible to find).
  4. The song is a total mess, but yes sis, twist yourself like a pretzel! Win the gays hearts!!
  5. First trailer was from April 2018 and she waited... for 6 months?
    However the song is not bad - I still prefer GIRLS X BOYS + Hourglass.
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  6. ssa


    Someone opened a thread on the main forum but I figured it'd be better to reply here. Not sure when we're supposed to move things to the main forum.

    Came across the video for Hourglass by chance.

    It goes off.
    At first I was extremely confused by the Gaga/Human League thing going on, with a bit of P!nk acrobatics and a hint of @ladylloyd visuals, but then it hit me.
    She has a great voice, the song is right. I like the throwback feeling and the little house beat thrown in there is a delight.
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  7. Just discovered Hourglass and what. a. banger.

    Video is stunning too, can't wait for more from this girl!
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  8. ssa


    Also, re-reading my previous post.

    The fact 2008/9 vibes can now be called a throwback.
    Life is short, folks.
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  9. I asked in the other thread, but I think it doesn't hurt to try here again.

    Does anyone know where I can listen to her original debut EP Wonderland?

    It apparently is on Spotify, but not available in the US.

  10. She’s sitting on a Bonnie McKee song? Yesssss.
  11. Wonderland (My Name Is Alice) is the weakest song shes put out so far. Still looking forward to what comes next though.
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  12. I think she is supporting Professor Green tonight. Apparently she has a song with him ready.

    She also appeared in Little Mix' video of "Strip"
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  13. I've been sleeping on this girl for a while now but thanks to @Lost Boy posting Hourglass in another thread, my interest has been piqued. I see that she's covered both Madonna AND Mariah?! Let me perch
  14. As someone already pointed out, Hourglass is basically just Casanova by Allie X but better and it's kinda distracting.

    i still bop
  15. Heartbreak Hotel is taking me places tonight. Hourglass is not to shabby neither
  16. *jasmine masters voice*

    H-E-R-E, binch. I'm here!
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    sad Alice is here and Queen Ava is in the main forum heehee x
  18. The material is great but somehow it feels as if her talent exceeds it still? And it’s so exciting? I’m sure there’s a smash with her name on it just waiting.
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