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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Cruisin, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Thief and Wonderland are... really bad. Incredibly cheap, dated, and generic.

    I don't think she has the presence to elevate the songs above their limitations.
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  2. Is this not her and Ava Max's branding though? They both seem like artists that would've made sense 10 years ago, but now are anomalies in the current landscape. Even their deliberate sampling of iconic songs from yesteryears look like an attempt to foster nostalgia in listeners in order to warm them up to their own remakes. Good luck to them though, because there obviously is potential.
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  3. I like her, but she might as well be literally singing over One Last TIme's instrumental.

    Her dancing ability in the video made me gasp though.
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  4. Stumbled onto Thief this morning and even though it’s clear ‘One Last Time’, it still knocks for me.

    Diving into her catalog head first.
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  5. One Last Thief does nothing for me, but Wonderland is cute. She's still quite high on my "ones to watch" list.
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  6. She’s performing at GAY next Saturday.

  7. Theif as a song is fine but the video elevated it to excellence. Hourglass and Boys X Girls are IT though. I really would love to see her blow up.
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  8. She can sing and do choreography so I’m really hoping she blows up, we need more popstars like this lol.
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  9. She said in a Q&A that Hourglass is her favourite song she has released, which makes me glad.
    Love love Thief but it's quite generic whereas to Hourglass is pop perfection.

    Seems like she wants to drop Pretty In Pink in the summer, and we will get one song before then.
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  10. I'm not super keen on Thief but Hourglass is Kylie/Rachel Stevens levels of pop perfection. In my opinion she deserves to soar above Ava Max, Slayyyter and all those new pop girls on this one song alone
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  11. She’s giving away another song ‘soon’.
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  12. This is the one you had to put your email for on her birthday, soon = this month it seems.

    It's likely Paper Planes, she shot the video for it at the same time as Wonderland.
    It's described as stripped back in her bio on her website.
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  13. Interesting - hopefully this means she changed management.
  14. She’s really committed to the 2012 thing isn’t she? Free mp3s in exchange for a newsletter sign up in this day & age...
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  15. Old post but, it's actually smart.
    Paper Planes & Wonderland were both to bridge longer gaps between singles.
    She specifically said Wonderland didn't go straight to streaming because her team/manager wanted Hourglass to appear as the latest track. Same thing here with Thief. Added bonus is that it gets people onto her mailing list so they're notified of future drops, tour dates, etc - though admittedly that isn't going to do much for her.

    They'll probably do what they did with Wonderland and chuck Paper Planes on just before the next single comes out.
  16. Only just discovering 'Wonderland' now. It really is quite 2008 and basic but I love it anyway!
  17. From her Instagram story it looks like she's shooting the video today.

    She's also touring the UK, was going to wait for her to announce to post but it's been a little while now and she hasn't acknowledged it.
    9/9 - The Camden Assembly, London
    10/9 - O2 Institute3, Birmingham
    11/9 - The Deaf Institute, Manchester

  18. LUCOZADE is coming
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