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Alice Jemima (Similar to Foxes, Lucy Rose, London Grammar)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by AceReject, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Just discovered Alice Jemima and a couple of her videos. Really nice subtle electro pop similar to the likes of Foxes and with a voice that reminds me of Lucy Rose. The video for Liquorice is great as well!

    Album out in March. @backstreetjoe give it a go!
  2. So surprised there isn’t more love for Alice on here! Caught her supporting Sophie E-B in Gateshead last year. She’s just released her latest single Everything’s Changing

    The album is out 28th Feb although by the time of its release there will only be 5 unheard tracks!
  3. New album is gorgeous. Includes co-writes with Shelly Poole and Sophie E-B. 'Binge Love You' is lovely.
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  4. It really is, Icarus remains my favourite track though. I preordered the CD from her website but she posted on Insta it won’t be shipped for a week or so. Shame there is hardly and promo or noise for her online.
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  5. Glad we finally have the album after all the delays. It's baffling though that after all this time, the CD isn't even out on release week and the vinyl seems to have been cancelled entirely. As @dipitybix said the lack of any real promo or reviews for it is disappointing too.
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  6. The CD has arrived today, no booklet, no lyrics just plain thin gatefold digipack. Still loving the album though. It makes you think why bother buying the CD when hardly any effort has been put into it.
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