Alicia Keys - Here

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Can't believe I started this thread.
I really lost interest after those songs.

Let me give this new one a chance.
What an improvement. Well done Alicia.

Girl on Fire was dated and so subpar with the lead single being one of the most shrill, awful songs of her career.

This is smooth, sexy, and perfectly on trend. Perfect blend of house and RnB. Her voice is actually being used properly. Her vocals on the verse are straight up honey.
Also love the cover art of the single.

Not Alicia of all people pulling through and delivering. I love it when pop stars surprise us like that.
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Said I'd be gone by five

But it's sun rise and I'm still in your bed
Goodnight usually means goodbye
Me re-playing memories in my head

Look at you, look at you

Look what you made me do


Reverb heaven, too. I don't think there's a dry synth on this.
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I like what I hear! Very Weeknd-y. I'll always have time for a new Alicia Keys album but it certainly helps that the lead single is actually good.
I don't really like it, its incredibly boring. But I'll give her credit for doing something sort of different for her and her vocal is nice for the first time in a while.
Queen of trends.

I actually had a bit of an Alicia rediscovery few months back. Her first album is great. All her albums have gems for sure. A lot of her last album was pretty chill, no? Girl on Fire (which has completely supplanted by Boy is a Bottom in my head) was a false alarm.
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