Alicia Keys - Here

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This is decent. The production reminds me of Take Care. It's nice to hear her returning to a more subdued sound. Her parody of Rihanna's Loud-era vocals was offputting.
I can't make it through an Alicia Keys album but she has some stunning singles. A Greatest hits would be more than welcome Miss Keys.
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Just heard the single on the radio and it's unexpectedly good! A very different sound for her indeed.
Not Alicia trying to dethrone the true gay icon, Kelly Rowland, by releasing a self-loathing love song all the gays can bop to during the summer.
It does really sound like something Dawn Richard would release. The vocals, production etc.

It's a great track nonetheless and I love her vocals.
I absolutely love the new track. Alicia rarely gets it right these days, but this is such a great direction for her.
The song is very, almost self-consciously, on trend. I'm not fully convinced yet.
But it's so good though.

The album could very well be utter shit (and considering her track record of late, I'm inclined to agree with you and be skeptical), but she pulled it out of the bag at the very least for the single no?

Even if it's on trend, it doesn't ring false for me. This really just does seem like a natural progression for her, at least vocally.
It's SO on-trend it's noticeable (coming from her) but she is such a great musician that I allow it without skepticism because she's sure to deliver. I've had it on repeat constantly since yesterday. A song hasn't done that for me in a while!
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