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Alicia Keys - Here

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, May 4, 2016.

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  1. Slain. Smooth, silky and her voice sounds better than it has in years. I'm loving this restrained style.
  2. This is a great direction for her. Really into this.
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  3. I love this. It's reminding me a bit of how much I loved Unthinkable and hoped she would continue that sound.
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  4. Alicia Keys always has at least one absolutely, objectively fantastic single per album. Sometimes she doesn't have anything else worthwhile on the album, but there's always at least one instance of perfection.
  5. What?! She hasn't had a bad album.
  6. This is the best she has done this decade.
  7. Now that you mention that, "In Common" sounds kind of like a sped-up "Unthinkable". A bit.

    But yes, "In Common" is a smash and has a very high replay value. Well done her.
  8. Is 'bang on trend' the new 'sounds basic' in lazy song descriptions?
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  9. I just got round to listening to her new song thanks to @Vasilios and @dodoriazarbon sharing it on Facebook and I'm not impressed. It sounds really empty and literally leaves no will to replay at all.
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  10. Are you okay?
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  11. It honestly does nothing for me. I'm a fan of Alicia, just not keen on this.
  12. LTG


    Very 2016.
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  13. She'll perform on SNL this week. Excited to hear the second new song.
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  14. Still loving this, and it's led me to reflect a bit on her music and reminded me how much I used to appreciate her catalog until Girl on Fire annoyed me to no end. I think my annoyance with that track culminated with her singing "OBAMA'S ON FIYAAAAHHHH" at his inauguration in a completely serious fashion...

    Sleeping with a Broken Heart, Unthinkable, Like You'll Never See Me Again, Lesson Learned are all brilliant and tracks I connected with in a very emotional way. I feel like this is a "return to form," despite being a new direction sonically. It's just got that "tugging at your heartstrings" genuineness that I love to hear from her. Girl on Fire was just a misstep that I now see as rare, and very very pandering and more Rachel Platten than Alicia Keys, for me.
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  15. Like you I adored her until Girl on Fire just left me cold. I couldn't get into that album, which annoyed me too given how much of a fan I was. This new song however is gorgeous, she sounds great and I can't wait to see what the album has in store - hopefully a return to form!
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  17. I paused Me Too for THIS?!?!

    Just kidding. I listened a couple days ago. I find it quite pleasant but I'm not stanning, although I've disliked Alicia's material for a while so for me to enjoy this is a good sign. I just haven't really latched onto it, but I'm glad she's not yelling at me this time.
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  18. Screaming
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  19. RJF


    I like it, but I'm prepared for it to be a total red herring and for the album to be disappointing.
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  20. And we're all dying at some point.
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