Alicia Keys - Here

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This song is so, so good.

I'm glad she pulled it off. Hopefully the album will follow suit but I'm expecting mediocre.
That's the first alicia song I ever like other than the Beyonce duet. Shocked.
I'm not a huge fan of her either, besides a few songs here and there. But I am actually loving this. Doesn't hurt that it's an uptempo. And she's not shrieking at me like she is on a lot of songs. I'm looking at you No One.
I love the song but can't help wishing it was a Nelly Furtdao comeback track. Here's hoping the album is just as strong and she's toned down the shout-singing she adopted over the past few years...
Finally! This is the first Alicia song I've liked since Karma.

It's more Dawn Richard than The Weeknd. But whatever, if this is what she's going with this time around, I'm SO here for it.

P.S. Do the chords remind anyone else of Take Care?
Loved her on SNL! "In Common" continues to do things to me and I keep noticing new bits with each listen.

"Hallelujah" sounds like it could be pretty immense in studio form. There's a dark, smoky vibe to it with the organ sound and I bet the strings are a little more cinematic.
Wow I love both of her performances on SNL. In Common has stuck in my head for 2 days now, wish it could have stronger beat for the last part but it's already a great song to me.
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