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Alicia Keys - Here

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, May 4, 2016.

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  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    In Common is delicious. Her best single (song, even) since the one-two punch of Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart and Unthinkable. It's blindingly good.
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  2. Love the sound of Hallelujah. She certainly seems to have got some sort of creative spark back and I love the laid back visual aesthetic too. Reminds me of when she first came out.
  3. In Common still is my gym fuel. 10 plays per day are not enough.
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  4. In Common is so amazing. It does such a great job at its on trend dancehall-pop production the same way JB's Sorry, Work, and One Dance have, but what In Common has that those other songs don't is a tenderness and a sense of intimacy that is incredibly beautiful.

    Alicia is so much better when she's in the quiet too. Songs like No One and Girl On Fire are almost unbareable to me because her belting voice is just obnoxious. But her softer tone in In Common and Try Slepping with a Broken Heart is to die for.
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  5. Completely agree. You Don't Know My Name and Unthinkable also have that same moody intimate vibe that she does so well.
  6. Alicia has got it SO RIGHT with this new direction! Those SNL performances are giving me life!
  7. QUEEN
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  8. K94


    I'm living for this afropunk aesthetic. Gyrate till our scalps depart, Queen!
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  9. Looks like Janet sent her the diaper pants she's not using for her tour anymore.
  10. Love the setup, totally didn't expect anything like that. She's bringing it.
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  11. You know I live for somebody playing a piano standing up yasssss.
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  12. This song has completely caught me off guard. It's that sultry 'foggy night drive' track I need.
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  13. She looks incredible in that video (trousers aside). I love the pared-back makeup look on her.
  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    So they spent the entire video budget renting out the studio or what?

    What a waste of everyone's time. Song is still Top 5 singles of the year anyway.
  15. I LOVE the video.
  16. So is this going to be an actual hit then, because that would be quite a nice thing to happen wouldn't it.

    I like the video a lot too - a few years ago I would've said it's too ~aesthetic~ but I think she could get away with it in 2016.
  17. I love the video and she is sexy as hell in it. Giving me "real" Neneh Cherry vibes which is always an absolute win in m book.
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  18. This is great. Alicia finally found the right key and it's low.

    Give me a super cohesive, intimate 10-track affair. I'm ready for her Flesh Tone.
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  19. It's funny how when she gets it right, it's better than everyone else in the game.
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