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Alicia Keys - Here

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, May 4, 2016.

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  1. LTG


    She just did her opening act for the Champions League Final:

    Girl On Fire
    Empire State of Mind (she sang MILANOOOOO instead of NEW YOOOORK a couple of times)
    In Common

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  2. This look (and this song) is doing wonders for Alicia. Suddenly, I want to like her again. And I do.
  3. K94


    The 'In Common' video is brilliant. She's not playing this era.
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  4. In Common deserves to be a creeper hit, the more I've listened, the better it gets. Truly a beautiful track that is current enough for the kids.
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  5. It's really grown on me.
  6. OK this needs to be the album cover.
  7. Holyfuck the video slayed me. The groove and the queerness and the no frills confidence just seeping through. How the fuck did she win me back with one song?!?
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  8. Graham Norton performance

  9. K94


    Vocals were a bit shaky in parts but she slayed again and she is looking absolutely stunning - she was meant for this look and I'm here for it.
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  10. Anne Frank realness. But, no. The In Common single but a little more polished and in color would be nice. I'm envisioning some light orange on the cover with the flavor she's serving this time around.

    Has it been said that Hallelujah is actually pretty solid? I really kinda liked the SNL performance.
  11. K94


    Her instagram has been in black and white this entire era so prob won't be in colour.
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  12. LTG


    I think my favourite bit of this song is that little chuckle she does after "and we ain't had no vows".
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  13. K94


    I'm now obsessed with In Common after first finding it nice. Can't get it out of my head. Hope the album is in the same vein with a smattering of jams.
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  14. LTG


    It's at #26 on UK iTunes at the moment. Cmon promo.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'm so excited for this album, always rooted for her so I'm glad In Common is getting more people on board. It's always nice to see an established act shake it up a bit (unlike other Alecias...) and I pray she keeps it up!
  16. I wasn't really feeling In Common before but it's hit me now.
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  17. I wonder how much (if any) of her current renaissance we can attribute to Guy Oseary?

    I wonder who paired her with Illangelo, the production on 'In Common' is excellent!
  18. Praying the GP mirrors this.
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