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Alicia Keys - Here

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, May 4, 2016.

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  1. How did she start looking so flawless? She used to have such bad skin...
  2. A&E


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  3. Stunning.
  4. I still hope In Common becomes a sleeper hit, it deserves to be! I think the album will probably come after she starts doing The Voice.
  5. Seems like Hallelujah is only streamable at the moment. I hope it's put on iTunes soon.

    In Common is such a great track, it deserves to be big.
  6. To be honest, I feel like kinda sad for the lack of success with her recent materials. Hallelujah is like the fourth song uploaded on her YouTube channel since that Amazing Spider-Man 2 anthem was released. It just looks like the public are not here for her anymore.

    She is like one of those rare R&B/Soul female acts that managed to transcend to the mainstream and she managed to be relevant well up to Girl on Fire's release. But I felt her stardom just faded away after that. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. I know this might be unpopular but I honestly think it's just that quality control has not been good enough. She has a couple of my favourite songs of all time, but she also has a lot of dross and retreads of past successes which seems such a shame for someone who appeared to be the future when she first launched.
  8. I love me some Alicia, but as a performer and artist, she's bland. It's not hard to see why she hasn't established a strong fanbase after decades of successes.
  9. Hallelujah is boring but In common is still the best song of the year for me.
  10. The full thing is online:

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  11. Great message behind that. Hallelujah is great for what it is, a soundtrack for her "We Are Here" organization.

    She said that an album is probably coming in august. Also a confirmed song title: When A Girl Can't Be Herself.

    Whoa I didn't know that her 5 year old actually got a credit for Kendrick's song.
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  12. First look at Alicia with her fellow coaches on The Voice


  13. I'm excited for new Alicia. Her first 3 albums are all 9/10 albums.
  14. Oh, I forgot that she was going to be on The Voice.

    I wonder will it go the way of Adam and Blake or Christina and Gwen?

    In Common is the perfect sound for her and her recent style shift and apparent artistic make over are exciting me. The covers for both songs are brilliant also.

    I hope she can deliver a strong album. Whilst it would be great to see, I'm not that bothered by commercial success for her because she has already had plenty. I just hope she doesn't fuck the album up.

    The determination from The Element of Freedom to Girl On Fire was worrying.
  15. I loved that Let Me In short film, and Hallelujah is a nice track.
  16. RainOnFire

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    It legitimately makes me so sad that In Common flopped. It didn't even debut on the Hot 100 and radio has already dropped it. SNL and The Voice were such great promo slots too.

    I agree with @Bobbyrae that commercial success is an added bonus for her at this point in her career,'s such an amazing song! And it would've been nice to actually see it do well. What a bummer.
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  17. Shame it flopped.
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  18. Apropos of nothing, but "When It's All Over" is sublime, isn't it? Should have been a single.
  19. I still think she can have commercial success, she is kind of similar to JLo and Kelly Clarkson, that they may not get big hits everytime but every few years they can get a big hit.

    If she released another No One or Empire State of Mind Part 2 it would be a hit.
  20. Eh, I think Kelly is in a better situation than either of them. She just had a Top 10 single and viral hit a few months ago, the lead single from her last album was a bigger success than anything Alicia or J.Lo have released recently, and that song was nominated for a Grammy.
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