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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. So as some of you reading this will know, Alien Uncovered (I swear down, if they don't get rid of the Uncovered bit after the show...) are currently contestants on the X-Factor and have just been put through to the live shows. I know it's probably a bit premature to create a thread for them now, but I think they've got a good future ahead of them; they take what they do seriously, they can sing, they can dance and they all seem like really likeable girls.

    Here's a video they did for a cover they did for 'No Flex Zone' by Rae Sremmurd

    Members (In order of solo vocals): Natalie, Temple, Frank, Shae, Madison, Yaz (rap)

    Thoughts on them?
  2. These girls have yet to be signed and there's an area on the forum for The X Factor. That being said, my thoughts are that they're great but need a lot of vocal/media training.
  3. Yeah I saw them being mentioned in the X-Factor thread. I created their own thread because the girls have got me rooting for them to a level I haven't had for any act since Diana Vickers was on the show.
  4. I think they have potential and I like the fact they're slightly bonkers, but I have a horrible feeling they'll be voted out of the competition very early on! Hope I'm wrong!
  5. How do we know how well they sing, when all their performances thus far have had backing tracks/been mimed?
  6. Well, the girls are sadly out of the race, which doesn't add up since they were far from the worst.
  7. They just weren't approachable enough for a show with such a MOR voting demographic. And it's so annoying.
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  8. Too much personality for X-factor, usually groups try to be as inoffensively approachable and homely as possible. I like them though.
  9. Did they have personality, or did they just have silly outfits and dance moves? Not the same thing (however, they had grown on me).
  10. And yet we didn't get to know any of the member's personality because they are so busy fronting. Don't mistake stage school swagger for personality.

    And they won't be dropping the 'Uncovered' because legally they can't release music under that name and hadn't checked for clearance before they entered the competition. The show didn't change their name just for fun.

    Anyway, wrong bit of the forum.
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  11. Doomed from the start. These over styled, full of 'attitude' girl groups never do well on The X Factor. As has been said, there's nothing relatable for those watching week-in week-out to get invested in.

    The "they're real girls with feelings JUST LIKE YOU" angle was pushed hard for Little Mix on the show (and ultimately across the first two albums). They were fortunate to be naturally likeable also.
  12. If they want to chart at Top 200, they need to tone down the ridiculous styling and vocal ticks.
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  13. This is exactly why I'm glad they got the axe. It would have been tedious.
  14. I think I probably would've gotten them to tone it down a little bit.
    I've got a friend studying music management, so X-Factor is like a hypothetical picking ground for him. He likes Alien, but he'd like to whip them into shape... When he saw the 'No Flex Zone' video, he said;
    "Temple; darken the red weave, it's a little Azealia Banks,
    Shae; you're already unique, so don't get all Halsey about it,
    Yaz; you're a good rapper, don't go over the top,
    Frank; could be a star on her own, but needs to work on her styling"
    He liked Natalie and Madison, but because the other four are very out there, they didn't stand out as much.

    Personally, I think Temple, Frank and Yaz would make a good trio. Shae, Natalie and Madz could do well on their own.
  15. Oh my God I never saw the No Flex Zone cover. Oops. Was super surprised they were kicked off so early to be honest. Really liked them
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  16. They just seemed aggressive to me.
    Not surprised they went early.
  17. So thanks to the X Factor rate I found out their first proper single is out on 10th Feb. It then made me look up videos of theirs in YouTube and they released a cover of Starboy recently under the name Alien, although the new single seems to be as Alien Uncovered.

  18. Can this be moved to the main forum?

    Handle It reminds me of DK Danity Kane and I'm getting my life to it.
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  19. So the video's out. It's pretty basic, but they look good.
    I think the song is OK but I expected more from them.
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  20. They seem interesting... What happened with the blonde member from The X Factor?

    I guess it's time to move this thread to the main forum. I agree.
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