Alison Goldfrapp - "So Hard So Hot" + The Love Invention (May 12)

It is quite funny that she's ended up making an album with Richard X after calling his music bland. Perhaps Alison has come round to the genius that is Some Girls at some point in the last 19 (!!!!!!!!) years.
She called “Some Girls” bland, which is different from calling his music bland more generally. Maybe she preferred “Crazy Boys”, dd.
After seeing the video for "So Hard So Hot" I was actually wondering what Roisin would think, since she seems to be utilizing AI technology in some capacity for her new era as well.
Listening to the Phones Re-Edit of "Ooh La La" again and personally I think this is the best version of the song, cause damn that packs a punch! And then some, pfew! If ever you need a stomping down the street while giving everyone "I own 51% of this company"-looks while crossing them, THIS is the soundtrack for it!

While I think So Hard So Hot is a bit of a bop, it sounds a bit stale/generic to me, especially when compared with her previous lead singles. I have faith in the Richard X tracks tho.