Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Invention

My apologies to Alison & her “quirky” release strategies but I’m not interested in hearing remixes as my first experience of her solo songs.

I’ll have a listen once she drops the official versions.
I think it’s not a bad strategy at all. Once the album will drop, there’s no point to release anything after that, since the hype dies out in 72 hours these days. But this way she can actually build up the anticipation a bit, have some placements in Beatport charts or whatever, without showing her cards. Also, I think it buys her some time to finalise the album (which I think is not ready yet?).
Remix EP for Record Store Day 2023


1. Digging Deeper (Alison Goldfrapp & Claptone)
2. Impossible (Alison Goldfrapp’s ‘Touch the Sky’ Edit) – Alison Goldfrapp & Röyksopp
1. Fever (Alison Goldfrapp & Paul Woolford)
2. Getto Galato (niina Remix)
Looks like this is a UK only release? I’d stand in line for hours at Rough Trade NYC for this.
I’m a bit nervous about getting used to remixes and then the album versions being completely different? It’s like when you hear a single mix of a single, so you buy the album, and then realise there’s a lacklustre version on the album instead.
A La Ride a White Horse.
The album version of Ride A White Horse is so much better than the single version though?
For someone who only knew the singles and didn’t own the albums until 2011 (except Head First), it was obvious to me the single version I’d been bopping to for years had a lot more punch, it’s no criticism, it was just a surprise in the difference. And I still prefer the single version but I also enjoy the album version, each to their own!
On another note though I don’t even think this is a case of single mixes, but more actual remixes, so the songs will be entirely different.

Are these better examples?
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I appreciate the optimism toward the release strategy but it is bizarre, let’s be real. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done before? Not to this extent, nor would I want to see it again, the remixes are fine enough (especially the YouTube mix of Fever) but I’m going to hold out for the record itself.
Jessie Ware had a couple of odd releases to test the waters and ended up having one of the most self-fulfilling releases in a long time.

I know Alison is in a different lane, but she’s been in the industry for a while and has earned the ability to do whatever she wants. I don’t mind hammering these extended remixed until an art disco opus emerges.

I'm quite excited to hear what she and Richard have created. Rocket remixes and Alive were only a taste of what I’d been fantasizing about for years prior.