Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention (Dec 8)

Does anyone have the NeverStop single artwork in HQ? The image from a few pages back seems to have broken.
On first listen, it reminds me of some lost Richard X produced album from 2008-2009 or something. It's cool... I must say it's missing a song that completely blows me away, and a few songs overstay their welcome, but everything's pretty solid. It definitely possesses a consistent vibe and recalls a very specific time period of pop music for me.

Looking forward to spending more time with it. I think my favorite might be In Electric Blue?
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Instantly hooked. In Electric Blue is THE one but there are so many tracks that I didn't expect to like upon initial reactions from a few people. NeverStop, Love Invention, The Beat Divine, Fever are instant faves, and the slower ones like Subterfuge and SloFlo are absolute dreams and work so well with your eyes closed.. I can almost hear the colourful artworks whilst listening. I love Gatto Gelato's peculiar structure, very reminiscent of some Bananarama 12" b-sides that are mostly random words / phrases over an addictive instrumental. It all flows so well! So excited for the live show at MIF in July.
The vibe this album brings me: Its 2006, the LG chocolate just released, Logo is playing noahs arc commercials in the background and im downloading the rest of this album track by track for my ipod classic off limewire before taking the train for my evening shift at H&M.

What a fantastic collection, dripping in references and nostalgia. The album version of Fever SLAPS.
Assai edition!