Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention (Dec 8)

I finally got around to listening to it in full, and the album is fantastic. Slinky, cool, synth-laden club music. She toed the line beautifully of making accessible dance music but using interesting vocal production and flourishes throughout. Exactly the kind of record I live for, and probably my favorite of the year to date. I will be rinsing this to death.
God is it lush and gorgeous! Unmistakably Goldfrapp, but not having Will on board really gave her some room to breathe, and this is most evident in the production, which is absolutely stellar! I was a bit afraid that it's gonna be too caught up in 2008ish sound (regardless of how much I love it), but fuck this thing is FRESH! Everything is so velvety and polished yet sounds effortless at the same time. I'm also loving the remixes - I didn't listen to them before and they potentially even go harder than the originals? The extended Fever remix in particular is a joy to immerse yourself in. Early favorites are In Electric Blue and Subterfuge!
Alright yeah, totally love this. It's well-oiled pop machinery. Alison and the producers knew exactly what synth sounds, vocal effects, and deep beats to use in creating a streamlined, hazy yet glossy affair. It reaffirms how recognizable and singular her voice is. I was pleasantly surprised by the more downtempo, understated tracks like Hotel (Suite 23), Subterfuge, and SLoFLo.

I would understand critiques of the lyrics. I think they work in these soundscapes but they lean heavily on typical dance floor fodder. They don't detract from my enjoyment. It's a perfect record to play at a pre-game, an afters, or basking in summer sun.
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Hotel (Suite 23) and In Electric Blue are so insanely fucking gooood it makes me wonder how she pissed off whoever chose the singles. The latter is giving instant classic. And Hotel is a groove.

And when the ping pong beat comes in on Gatto Gelato? That's some gay shit.
Okay In Electric Blue has been on repeat, what a gorgeous melancholic synth wave bop, the production / synths are perfect for the vibe of the song, has she / Goldfrapp ever done anything like this before? I’d say Yellow Halo but that’s quite downbeat, maybe Believer to some degree?
Also the album is absolutely fantastic, I’ve been listening to it all day (alternating with Belinda Carlisle of course).
It's a brilliant album. A lot more intriguing, interesting and complex than I expected it to be after hearing the pre-realease tracks and seeing the artwork and the videos. I kind of wish the art direction for the whole campaign was completely different... I feel like it doesn't do the music justice. It's a gorgeous album, and very much in line with the quality of Alison's work as Goldfrapp. Richard X made an excellent job, they make a great pairing.
I wish I liked this more. These breathy vocals throughout are not for me.
I was kind of the same. Nothing grabbed me as particularly standout and it all sounded very dated. I’ll keep with it as I don’t always love every song I hear on first listen but my initial feeling was one of underwhelming.