Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

I am READY, just had a little cry. Do we think she’ll self produce or get some collaborators in? We’ve not had an album written entirely by Alison since FM so…I trust her with my life.
She has been working with a producer whose name I forgot. It was mentioned in the general discussion thread I think!
It never even crossed my mind that Alison would ever go solo. I can't wait to hear what she comes up with. It would be cool to hear her teaming up with different producers for an album, rather than her sticking to just one collaborator.
Wow! It’s kind of both exciting and bittersweet to find out Alison is going solo (although I think we all had a feeling she would in their thread).

On one hand, Goldfrapp the band pretty much radically shaped my music tastes as a teen and introducing me to Electronica. I don’t know if I’d be stanning artists like Björk, Kate Bush, iamamiwhoami, The Knife, etc. if it wasn’t for me hearing Ooh La La on a Pandora radio station.

But I also feel like Silver Eye had a sense of finality for the two of them and I’m kind of excited to see what Alison has come up with on her own.