Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

Even though the album seems to be purely Dance-Pop with a few slower tracks thrown in, I feel it’s much more varied than it initially seems.
To me, there are different groups of songs, which are sonically similar or share the same vibe, and that makes it interesting.

Neverstop and Gatto Gelato have a dirty and deep bass line and are my favorites. Love Invention and In Electric Blue are the poppiest moments. The Beat Divine and Hotel share a similar sexy midtempo sound. Subterfuge and SloFlo are the slowies. Fever and So Hard So Hot are the clubbiest and fastest tracks. That leaves Digging Deeper Now which reminds me the most of classic Goldfrapp.

It’s not Album of the Year material for me because it’s not experimental or „surprising“ enough but it’s going to be my soundtrack for the spring/summer months for sure.
I love it, are the bonus tracks digital only?

Am I the only one who thinks that SLoFLo sounds like something by Björk?

In Electric Blue is out of this world but I wonder how she is gonna sing this one live because it seems to be about her mom who passed away.

Fever (This Is the Real Thing) has a killer chorus.

My poor headphones that I use for my phone cannot handle so much bass.