Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

So Hard So Hot is 1) a big, fat bop that didn't really hit me until a couple of days ago, and 2) totally done over in the tracklisting. It needs to be near the front, not the penultimate track!
I was actually thinking this yesterday on my 20th listen of the album, I forget about So Hard So Hot because everything prior is just amazing I get lost in it and I just forget this song exists until it comes on, it definitely should be higher on the track list.
Hotel (Suite 23) is a dream of a song. Those super dry claps with zero reverb are hypnotic. I'm not sure which song that specific part calls to mind, maybe Let It Go by Keyshia Cole?

And there's a moment in the middle 8 vocoder part that sounds a lot like The Music's No Good Without You by Cher ddd. I'm obsessed.

And a line in the chorus of Digging Deeper Now strongly echoes something off Supernature...
I'm obsessed with this album. While I've enjoyed Goldfrapp's discography in the years since, in many ways, this is the follow-up to Supernature I've always craved. It's the sort of rich and immersive electronica that sucks me in and refuses to let go. These tracks paint a stunning, pulsating soundscape that I could stay trapped in for ages, and the Richard X of it all makes everything feel simultaneously modern while also harking back to the Popjustice-recommended bops that dominated my iPod in the mid-00s. Subterfuge, Hotel (Suite 23) and In Electric Blue are among the best songs Alison has ever recorded, and I can't wait to have this soundtrack my summer evenings, driving from hazy sunsets into the neon nights of the Downtown LA skyline.