Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

I mean I knew it wouldn’t be anything less than stellar, but genuinely every element on every song is perfect, I can’t fault a second of it?

I’m trying to not get ahead of myself but this might be the best of the electronic records she’s ever put out, or it’s at least on par with Black Cherry which is…kind of mental. Over the moon at the thought of seeing these songs live on Thursday!
One of the best things about the record is how much it reveals itself. Yes it is a glossy dance album, and some of the songs live just in that sphere. But there’s more to uncover when you delve a little deeper into the lyricism. I think it’s a tour de force for a debut solo record, honestly.

As much as they’d probably despise the link being made (ddd), it also feels like a sister record to Róisín Machine. Where Róisín Machine was rough and almost industrial in places, this is sleek and refined. The through line is that both pack much more in than you’d expect, though, and are a fundamental reclaiming of the dancefloor by two pioneers.
Probably says more about me that on an album full of uptempo electronic dance beats my favourite track so far is SLoFLo. Then again my preferred Goldfrapp albums are Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree so perhaps shouldn’t be surprised…

It’s a pleasant listen but too many of the tracks blur together a bit, maybe they’ll reveal themselves with more listens. Enjoying the alternate remix versions which isn’t always the case
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