Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention


1 Ed Sheeran - - (12,996) [6,540 physicals, 1,027 downloads, 5,429 streams]
2 Potter Payper - Real Back In Style (6,793) *
3 Jonas Brothers - The Album (6,279) *
4 Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Invention (6,272) *
5 Lovejoy - Wake Up & It's Over (6.025)

Only 7 copies between Alison and Jonas Brothers. Get purchasing and streaming, little Frappucinos!
Vogue interview here.
Very happy to see her emphasizing again that Goldfrapp the duo is not over.

I’d wanted for quite a long time to make something that was much more rhythm-based, beats-based, straight-up dance-y and poppy, all of those things, and I didn’t always feel like it was appropriate with Goldfrapp for various reasons.

It’s quite interesting that she’s aware of that in such a conscious way. I think the main thing that sets this record apart from her work with Will is the way it’s less… cerebral? It’s meticulously crafted, of course, but it feels a bit more effortless and carefree, less serious.
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