Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

Also I love how some posters here are sooooo triggered by another person’s experience of a live show. If you thought she sung live that’s your experience. Why is it “absolute nonsense” when I was at the show? Were you there? If you saw her live and she sang live for you at a different show then it doesn’t make your experience right/same with mine.

Did I force my opinion on anyone about this? No. I was discussing it with someone else yet this person had to insert THEMSELVES into the conversation. My pronoun is not they. It’s clearly written there to be seen in my profile. You don’t need to be rude about it. Yes I’m talking about you @Glitterizer.

Yeah, hope it's clear that I wasn't attacking you in this way; just found the conversation interesting as I'd never experienced her full on lip syncing in all my years of seeing them, but had certainly heard her singing along to backing tracks to give that layered experience.

See this is actually my problem with Goldfrapp live. The live versions sound identical to the recorded ones. They could certainly mix things up a bit. The exception is Strict Machine but that same version is one which they've rolled out many times over the years. It's probably why I'll give this tour a miss, much as I adore the album. Also, it's more than £40 so I might just stick to the CD, it'll be the same experience.

I've sometimes been frustrated by this, too, though, candidly, I think your description does perhaps miss a tad of the nuances they (in the past) added to live performances to give the songs some distinction from their recordings and to give them some more oomph. (The Love Invention performances really do look dull to me because of the precise way you've described them.)

With regard to Goldfrapp the band, I'm not going to go back and add cited footnotes, but I seem to distantly recall that as Will pulled back from performing in the band, his focus landed more on the sound design and arrangements for their tours. The impression I got was that both he and Alison were perfectionists in this regard and perhaps they could have benefited from loosening things up a bit.. like they did with their extended live performances of Little Bird and Ride a White Horse.
"The Love Invention (Remixes)" out Friday.


1. Love Invention (Boys' Shorts Sensor-E-Motion Extended Mix)
2. Love Invention (Boys' Shorts Total Attraction Extended Mix)
3. Fever (This Is The Real Thing) [Youandewan Remix]
4. Fever (This Is The Real Thing) [Youandewan Dub]

Believe a separate "Love Invention (Boys' Shorts Remix)" single will also be released same day.


1. Love Invention (Boys' Shorts Sensor-E-Motion Remix)
2. Love Invention (Boys' Shorts Total Attraction Remix)
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This is definitely in my top 5 albums of the year.
I think, having spent most of the year with this album, this one has a lot more layers and listenability, not just compared to what it may have seemed upon release, but in comparison to all of the others who have been down a similar lane this year. It may not be the most modern record or push the genre, but it’s got the best songs, and what else do you need?
Yeah it's definitely stealthily worked its way into my favorite albums this year. It's just so fine tuned and each song hits with such laser precision that my initial lukewarm feelings towards it have totally melted away. The band's discography is still there for the weirder stuff. It's cool to hear her having a cute moment of frivolous dance whatever.
The production is gorgeous but a lot of the topline melodies are forgettable. Still, I’ve preferred it to the Goldfrapp albums since Head First!
"The Love Reinvention" out December 8.

  1. Never Stop Loving - 6:52
  2. Love Reinvention - 6:15
  3. Dug Deeper - 6:28
  4. In Blue - 6:32
  5. Astral Invitation - 7:31
  6. Feverous - 6:38
  7. It's Your Destiny - 6:55
  8. Dubterfuge - 5:45
  9. Gateaux & Gelato - 5:17
  10. So Hot So Hard - 7:28
  11. Every Little Drop - 5:41
  12. Gateaux & Gelato (Edit) - 3:41
  13. Every Little Drop (Edit) - 3:35