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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aces, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Alizée will be back this fall in France!!
    She just left Universal (Polydor) to sign with RCA (Sony - Bmg).
    And she stop her collaboration with Mylene...
    Her new sound will be pop-rock apparently...
    New single in September on radios
  2. About time she was back! Looking forward to the new stuff, will be interesting to see what she''s come up without the usual team and will be interesting with the new record company.... anyone know why she changed record company?
  3. -SG-

    -SG- Guest

    Her comeback has been rumoured for months... I wonder if she will ever come back one day! lol

    Anyway, the cover of "Moi, lolita" is #1 on I-tunes! The lastest winner of French Pop Idol covered it during the show and it is his first release, waiting for his album to be finished.
    This is good publicity for Alizée I guess.
  4. Ray


    I can''t really see her being successful without Mylene, but well, I''m always willing to give her a chance. She still looks gorgeous (judging by the promo pic I saw at
  5. New single is called "Fifty Sixty"...
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