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All Hail Shep Pettibone!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Bleu Noir, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. This. A perfect pair they were.
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  2. Never knew he remixed All We Got on Michael McDonald's 1990 album Take It From The Heart and very good it is too.

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  3. Great album. Didn't deserve to flop.
  4. Bought it on both your recommendations, thanks!
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  5. One day I'll look into the backstory to that album, because I think some shenanigans went was originally called Lonely Talk and scheduled for a 1989 release. Warners were messing around with a lot of acts/albums at that time,cancelling/refusing albums presented to them, and in 1990 chose to launch most of their releases without a lead single (Fleetwood Mac, Aztec Camera, Robert Plant, Pretenders, Michael McDonald) so there were some odd strategies floating around the label.
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  6. Been listening to his various remixes alot lately. This man was a genius.
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  7. He must have been a polisher in a past life:

  8. Great stuff.
  9. This insinuates the original was a turd? Tsk!
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  10. Tsk x2. Fine song.
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  11. This slays me:
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  12. Yep!
  13. Managed to find the CD on eBay for £2.70, Discogs doesnt even have a CD single listed. Odd! I will update!
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  14. The Shep mix is the album version. I think Warners were trying to jazz up the album, having rejected it initially. So getting Shep to remix some tracks was one tactic.
  15. There's a monthly club I go to (well, did in pre Covid days of yore) in Liverpool called Sonic Yootha and a guy who occasionally DJs there played this mix a couple of months ago and it went down a storm. The place is a mix of an older crowd and club kids who love the pretention-less atmosphere.
  16. Proof that Shep Pettibone can still make people bop.
  17. The link a few pages back no longer works so just reposting this, Top 5 Shep?

  18. One word. Yes.
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  19. A few of my favourites

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