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ALL I NEED is THE KICK for a GLORIOUS rate: The FOXES discography rate!!! #6.

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  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member




    AVERAGE = 8.519
    HIGHEST SCORE = 11 x 1 @Phonetics Girl & 10 x 4 @2014 @Crisp X @DJHazey @Music Is Death
    LOWEST SCORE = 5 x 1 @Omul invizibil & 6 x 1 @happiestgirl

    Surprise! I've got time, and the unfortunate soul suffering today is Glorious' title track. As a song it just soars, and the build up of that last minute is just huge every time. It became the 4th single release from Foxes' debut record, released in August 2014. The video is amazing and it was a fitting end to the era and definitely benefitted from getting a single release, deserved! Glorious managed to sneak into the top 100 on the UK Singles Chart at #97 - it definitely deserved more, but I guess it's one for our hearts and not for the charts!!

    Produced and written by the main dream team of the Glorious album, it really does feel like the centre piece of the album, and it shows how strong the competition in her discography is that something as strong as this can't quite get into the final 15.

    The single release saw funky remixes from Everything Everything and Mike Mago, and it really solidified Foxes as an amazing pop writer, pop singer and pop voice. It's never got old for me its impact will never fade I don't think - what a moment.

    @DJHazey = If my 11 can’t win this rate, this is the ‘big one’ I will be rooting for to take the crown. Actually, I see this finished #60 in the Quirky Pop Debuts. YIKES. The chanted bridge ripped directly from the most dynamic scene from the most emotional movie classic, damn, slay all the lessers queen!

  2. What the actual fuck?
  3. That is a surprise.
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  4. Glorious is great but I could hear other artists singing it, whereas I can't with my highest scoring Foxes tracks. The bridge (when the time is right, and there's no way out...) until the end, is the greatest part. 8.
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  5. I honestly thought Glorious would make the top 10.
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I will be back tomorrow (Friday)! I’m going to a wedding today (not mine) xx
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Night Owls Early Birds


    AVERAGE = 8.540
    HIGHEST SCORE = 10 x 2 @louciano @Music Is Death & 9.7 x 1 @Untouchable Ace
    LOWEST SCORE = 6 x 2 @Ana Raquel @CorgiCorgiCorgi & 7 x 2 @Crisp X @happiestgirl

    Glorious is unable to catch a break at the moment as it loses its 3rd song in a row with this little dark horse; Night Owls Early Birds pretty much sailed into the top 20 with no negative scores or responses at all. It's a great album track, Foxes sings it well and it's a definite show-woman sort of song? It shows off all her best talents and is a strong hidden gem from the start of her career.

    This song first came to form when Foxes was known as Loui Rose, making it a real early track, and it shows just how talented she was right off the bat. The song is co-written with Australian Jarrad Rogers, aka Mstr Rogers, who's worked with Delta Goodrem and Daniel Merriweather, plus more recently The Saturdays and Boyzone. Night Owls Early Birds is triumphant with a bit of a rockier edge then we've been used to from Foxes, but she excels and sounds just as comfortable on something like this as some of her more poppier, more ethereal material.

    @DJHazey = This was one of the first songs I used to stan for, which makes me think I’m going to 10-it. Has that classic Foxes formula to it, that I’ll always have love for.

  8. Shoulda been a single and that is that
  9. Night Owls Early Birds is in my Top 5 Glorious tracks. Like me I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the words of the first verse. 9.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Wildstar (with Giorgio Moroder)


    AVERAGE = 8.567
    HIGHEST SCORE = 10 x 5 @2014 @Ana Raquel @DJHazey @louciano @Music Is Death & 9.6 x 1 @Untouchable Ace
    LOWEST SCORE = 4 x 1 @Phonetics Girl & 7 x 1 @Epic Chocolat

    Dropping out at #15 is the little extra that could - Wildstar with Giorgio Moroder! What a classic, Foxes is made for disco pop like this and she soars over the glorious production. Taken from Moroder's 2015 comeback album Deja Vu, the record also includes highlights with Kelis, Kylie, Charli as well as not so greats from Britney (a dodgy Tom's Diner cover) and Sia, who provided vocals for the title track. Foxes being amongst these legends is a feat in itself, but having the best on the album? Proper talentry!

    Co-written with Joel Pott, lead singer of indie band Athlete, who's worked a lot with Shura and Mabel also, Wildstar could've have been a giant single, but alas I'm sure Kylie/Sia/Britney were just that little more appealing to crack the charts. The song is just that good it's made it easily into the top half of her discography in this rate, and it's hard to hate it - for me it always brings a smile to my face, and is ultimately what Foxes' music has always been - escapism pop.

    @jvckkk = Wildstar is particularly fun though, and the perfect injection of glitter that she pulls off so beautifully.
    @DJHazey = Since Giorgio’s name is on it, I find it easy to call this Foxes trying on Kylie for fun. This has too many hooks to count, I’m sure I’ll find something new to love about it years from now. What a huge discovery.
    @unnameable = Love those classic disco melodies by Giorgio
    @BubblegumBoy = ‘This album is full of bops, shame Moroder hasn’t done another collab album’

  11. As a Giorgio Moroder stan Wildstar is like catnip to me, and I was going to give it a 10. But Giorgio can overuse that robotic voice, so I gave it 9 in the end.

    I really like Sia's Deja Vu collab.
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  12. The last half of the extras we got right!
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Lose My Cool


    AVERAGE = 8.593
    HIGHEST SCORE = 10 x 2 @happiestgirl @Omul invizibil & 9.5 x 4 @DJHazey @louciano @Music Is Death @unnameable
    LOWEST SCORE = 7 x 1 @CorgiCorgiCorgi & 7.5 x 1 @jvckkk

    We're really reaching the final stretch now, as All I Need album track Lose My Cool loses out on a place in the rate, but look at those lowest scores - they're really not low at all! This is one I tend to forget about, but when I do give it a re-listen it hits - it just builds and builds, and basically any song including the word "cool" is guaranteed to be huge (see my related picks below xx)

    Included as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the All I Need album, Lose My Cool is again typical Foxes at her typical best, with huge hooks galore and just being an upliftingly anthemic banger. It's one of 2 songs from her 2nd album that saw the return of Johnny Harris on song-writing duties (who helped extensively across Glorious). If we're being honest, in typical "bonus track" fashion, Lose My Cool is one of the biggest highlights across the album; it does what songs like Amazing try to do but with so much more oomph and replay ability, another lost smash!

    @DJHazey = I'm probably just trying to be varied with my scoring by giving this slightly less than a 10, but I would rank it slightly lower.​

  14. The fact we’re barely top fifteen and her lowest score is a 7. The mind of a mastermind. That top ten is about to be competitive.
  15. Aw, well it was a great run for Wildstar while it lasted. I feel for losing massive bops like Night Owls and Lose My Cool but at this point I have to drop my non 10s.
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  16. I didn't know Lose My Cool was a bonus track, but I agree it's one of the best on the album. It's just one of those euphoric songs that makes me smile; with that piano and the swirling synths. 8.75.
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  17. Spotify keeps shoving Wildstar into its suggested mixes for me and I love it.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Better Love


    AVERAGE = 8.595
    HIGHEST SCORE = 10 x 6 @BubblegumBoy @DJHazey @louciano @Music Is Death @saviodxl @Untouchable Ace & 9.5 x 2 @pop3blow2 @WoW73
    LOWEST SCORE = 7 x 3 @2014 @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Phonetics Girl & 7.5 x 2 @Ana Raquel @jvckkk

    Unlucky for some now, at #13 All I Need opening track (if you exclude the intro) Better Love is out of the rate. I'm surprised to be honest it made it this far, seeing as a male vocalist is so prominent and it's definitely in the lower half of All I Need for me, but fair play to it getting this far (maybe the single effect helped it this time around hmm).

    Featuring Bastille frontman Dan Smith (who also co-wrote the track), this grab possibly helped in it becoming the 2nd single from the record, due to Bastille's popularity at the time. I do like the song but seeing the scores come through, I do think other track were worthy of reaching this high, but the people spoke and I'm sure there's reasons for the love! The song got a single release in September 2015 but unfortunately missed out on getting into the UK's top 100.

    @DJHazey = The way I completely swerved this back when the album dropped, to the point that it felt like a new song for Quirky Pop Sophomore. Then I immediately remembered why when I heard the featured vocal all over the chorus. I was turned off again at first, but multiple plays allowed it to bloom into the Foxes favorite it is today. The best word to describe it is just beautiful. Foxes’s voice sounds truly affected at times, so that I feel the conviction in what she is trying to convey.

    (feel like my score for the next eliminee will also prove divisive eep)

  19. It's Dan's backing vocals that make it for me! Their voices blend well together
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  20. Sometimes I wish Dan's voice was a little lower in the mix, but it's not a deal breaker; it's just a great song.
    My least favourite part is actually the 'show me love' opening.' 8.5.

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