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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Cheers Eric - they're going in my basket

    Anyone ever bought The Pop Years? They came out as double CDs (1972-73, 1982-83 etc) but I see that they were subsequently reissued in decade sets with CDs in individual card sleeves (one each for 70s, 80s, 90s) Not expensive and decent-ish tracklists.
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  2. I got these. I bought them as soon as they came out in jewel cases... then they re-released them, still in jewel cases, but all together by decade in a slipcase. At this point I was miffed I didn't get a slip case! So I emailed DMG (first time I ever contacted them, I think!) and they kindly sent me the three slipcases for free! And then some time later, they did the card wallet/clamshell thing. They're not bad, I enjoy(ed) them and the selections were interesting. Cool artwork. The edit of Haywoode's Roses is unique to the series, I think. I'm not really sure how or why, but it's shorter.
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  3. I got the 80s ones in the jewel cases at £3 a go, from Sainsburys. I got the 90s all in one go, via the card sleeve reissue box in an HMV sale. They're not big on single/radio edits!
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  4. I have these in the 10cd boxset`s 50's, 70's, 80's and the 90's, i have never seen the 60`s one does it exist?
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  5. I've never seen it, and according to Discogs there doesn't appear to be one. Strange!

    Meanwhile, I picked up the 1980 and 1981 Top Of The Pops 3CD sets, so hopefully over the weekend I'll have a look through them and log all the track times and what versions/edits are used, as per 1982-85.
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  6. Anybody knows if the single edit of Christine McVie's Love Will Show Us How is available on CD?
  7. Judging from Discogs, only on vinyl...a 1984 Rock Hits compilation. The edit is 3.30 compared to 4.13 for the LP.
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  8. Let's hope for a reissue of the album, then, which would be about time...
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  9. Can anyone out there who owns a 7" of 'Sledgehammer' by Peter Gabriel confirm the length of this version? Is it 4:42 like the version on NOW 6 / NOW 1986 / The Best 80's Album Ever.

    Or is it 4:50 like the version on NOW 1986 The Millennium Series which includes the outro.

    The 'So' album version is 5:14 and has the intro as featured in the music video but it does not include the outro from the video version.
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  11. I timed my actual 45 of Sledgehammer at 4.59, so Now 86 is more than adequate then.
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  12. Thank you
  13. TOP OF THE POPS 1981:

    Disc 1
    1. Yellow Pearl (First 7"" Remix) 2.55
    2. Fade To Grey 3.50
    3. Planet Earth 3.53
    4. Love Action (I Believe In Love) - 4.59
    5. Stand & Deliver 3.07
    6. Swords Of A Thousand Men 2.56
    7. Spellbound 3.16
    8. Reward 2.41
    9. Show Me 3.25
    10. Absolute Beginners 2.48
    11. Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) 3.04
    12. Tears Are Not Enough (7"" Version) 3.35
    13. Chant No 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) 4.02
    14. Love Games (Level Best Remix) 4.26
    15. Souvenir 3.34
    16. I'm In Love With A German Film Star 3.59
    17. Under Your Thumb 3.37
    18. O Superman 8.55
    19. Mad Eyed Screamer 1.53

    Notes: Tracks in red denote a running time which is either uncommon on CD, or notably different to the lengths on previous CD release and/or the act's own CDs. Tracks in grey are longer than versions otherwise released/available on CD, and are not the single edit.

    I've got two other mixes of Yellow Pearl, and neither are this particular mix so it might be rare on CD. It was reissued at least once in its lifetime, so there could well be three separate versions of it as a single. O Superman's a strange one (and I'm not referring to the track itself), as nowhere does this length mix seem to appear on a single, or a reissue. I've got Big Science on CD, plus a Best Of, and they're both 8.21. Discogs lists all versions of the vinyl single as 8.21/8.22 as well. Tears Are Not Enough looks to be the genuine original 7" version, as per the Lexicon Of Love deluxe edition. Love Games as stated is the mix for 1989's Best Of.

    Disc 2
    1. Japanese Boy 3.55
    2. Making Your Mind Up 2.37
    3. This Ole House 3.04
    4. (Do) The Hucklebuck 2.33
    5. There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis 3.07
    6. I Surrender 4.00
    7. Are You Ready (Live at RDS Hall, Dublin, 1980) 3.08
    8. Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) 3.35
    9. Funeral Pyre 3.28
    10. Prince Charming 3.17
    11. The Sound Of The Crowd 4.03
    12. Bedsitter 3.37
    13. Hand Held In Black & White 3.22
    14. Wedding Bells 3.25
    15. Take It To The Top 4.13
    16. One In Ten 4.32
    17. It Must Be Love 3.22

    Notes: Tracks in red denote a running time which is either uncommon on CD, or notably different to the lengths on previous CD release and/or the act's own CDs. Tracks in grey are longer than versions otherwise released/available on CD, and are not the single edit.

    Nothing of note on this particular disc; the version of Are You Ready is the correct mix found on the charting EP at the time, and also on the Chinatown deluxe bonus disc. Everything else is already widely available on other CDs.

    Disc 3
    1. Tainted Love 2.41
    2. Rapture 5.35

    3. Jealous Guy (Edit) 4.44
    4. It's My Turn (Single Version) 3.56
    5. Being With You (Single Version) 4.02
    6. One Day In Your Life 4.16
    7. Will You? 4.48
    8. Endless Love - Reprise 4.28
    9. Going Back To My Roots 3.25
    10. Jones Vs. Jones 4.18
    11. I'll Find My Way Home 4.31
    12. The Bed's Too Big Without You (Single Version) 3.51
    13. Don't Let It Pass You By 7.45
    14. Joan Of Arc 3.47
    15. Treason 2.56
    16. Rock 'N' Roll (Single Edit) 4.03
    17. Turn Me On Turn Me Off 3.02
    18. Don't You Want Me 3.58

    Notes: Tracks in red denote a running time which is either uncommon on CD, or notably different to the lengths on previous CD release and/or the act's own CDs. Tracks in grey are longer than versions otherwise released/available on CD, and are not the single edit.

    Again, not a lot to write home about - the 1981 set is much less interesting for different mixes than the late 80s ones. Jealous Guy is a whopping 12 seconds shorter than the usual mix on Roxy compilations. Going Back To My Roots is probably not rare in this short version, but for some reason this is the first time I've owned it on CD....even the Odyssey Greatest Hits CD has a 5.31 mix. The Quo single is one of their lesser compiled efforts, I don't even have it in my iTunes Singles Logs but I expect it's on one of their compilations and I just haven't got around to adding it yet.

    Tainted Love is also 6 seconds longer than usual. Not sure why without listening to it.
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  14. Going Back To My Roots is the correct length (3.25) for the 45 version.

    The commercial 45 of Jealous Guy is the full 6.10 version, I believe there's a shorter DJ edit as well though.

    Yellow Pearl is close to the big hit remix version, possibly fades a tad short, going by that time. The original version which only made 54 is much longer.

    I've got logged times of 8.21 and 2.42 for O Superman and Tainted Love.
    I've never come across an 8.55 version of O Superman either, as if it wasn't more than long enough already!
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  15. Yeah I've found a 2.58 mix in my folders, from the Phil Lynott CD album. Tainted Love comes up 2.35 for me, I'll have to see where or if I have the longer version somewhere else as well. Will also listen to O Superman to try and find out what's different with the extra 33 seconds!
  16. I listened to it on iTunes store and it sounds the same and is the same length as a a live version recorded in 2001 on a album called 'Live At Town Hall In New York City'
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  17. !!!!!!!!!!!

    How rubbish is that, to put a Live version on from 20 years later, and not tag it as such.
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  18. Wow, that's bad
    So Tears Are Not Enough is the 1981 single mix, not the Trevor Horn-produced album version?
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  19. They're identical lengths, aren't they, so I need to double-check that.
  20. I seem to recall the 45 is actually slightly longer than the album version?
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